Radio Hed Logo 2Social media is involved in almost every customer decision these days. People wanting a product or service will almost always do a web search and/or access many of the customer review sites.

From that point, they may compile a short list. What influences that list are the answers to the above questions.

Your client may have gone to great lengths to enhance their search ranking – SEO, keywords, blogging, referrals, affiliates, podcasts, and articles. But, if a searcher doesn’t immediately recognize a company’s name and/or have an emotional connection with that name, those efforts may be wasted.

If an advertiser has been using radio consistently to tell their story, there’s a much better chance the customer will go to their site, because the advertiser will have more top of mind awareness.

If, when the customer sees the URL thinks, “Oh, I’ve heard of them. They have the (whatever) I love. They have really good prices. They’ve been providing me with tips on (whatever) for months. Their commercials are cute. I think I might like these guys,” then the advertiser is lifted above the crowd of names that show up as organic search.

Customers make online choices based on their positive associations. Those associations come from the stories they’ve heard.

The other parts of the equation are:

1. Make sure the advertiser has a strong landing page URL. For example, if you see that they’re trying to attract people to, suggest that shorter URLs like or as landing pages will work better.

2. Give customers and prospects a reason to go to the web site. Nobody is going to “check out” your client’s site. Have the offer for a free seminar, consultation, articles, how-to video, a checklist, a survey, a free gift, discount. Site traffic will improve, opt-ins will give your client contact info to follow up, and you’ll be a hero.

3. Make sure the landing page content is consistent with the on-air message. When a searcher clicks on your client’s site, they need to instantly recognize that they’re in the right place.

I’m not a social media expert, but helping my clients using these simple techniques has boosted their businesses.

Whether you’re a manager, seller or writer, you’re the client’s marketer.  These ways of helping them will help you more than you know.

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