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The site is great! When ever I get a little stuck, metal block or just unmotivated, the site gives me that kick in the pants I need!

Jesse Wilkins
Rogers Communications
Medicine Hat, Alberta

I love what you do with Radio and Production! I think it’s super beneficial to the industry and anyone interested in production.

Philip Tzanidis
Bell Media
Edmonton, Alberta

Just finished reading the December issue of RAP.  What a great issue! So many great articles that speak to about every element of my/our business, both on a professional and a personal level. One of those issues wherein I put down the magazine and say, 'Wow'! 

Gary Lee Michaels
Lafayette, IN

"Keep up the GREAT job!!!! To this day, I still say my subscription to RAP Mag is the best investment I have ever made to my career."

Rick Andrews
Rick Andrews Voiceover
Amarillo, TX

Aside from the always up-to-date ‘excellent’ RAP articles and reviews, here are three reasons why I love Radio And Production:

  1. You can follow up and contact every contributor to this publication… all of them, both written & audio submissions.
  2. That RAP Mag acknowledges by name and location, every new subscriber for the growing global RAP network.
  3. The new promo, imaging and commercial audio every month, regardless of the size of the market.

David Bannerman
Radio TV Arts Faculty 
NSCC Waterfront Campus

Soaking in the wealth of content in RAP, studying different styles of writing, production & performance... priceless.  Thanks for RAPMAG!

Chadd Pierce

Thanks for all that you do for the rest of us, Jerry. Your magazine is one of a kind, and I know it's a massive undertaking. All of us producers really appreciate all the sweat and love you pour into it each and every month. 

Chris Pottage, Production Director
Rogers Radio, Toronto Radio Operations

Of the many publications out there, R.A.P. Magazine is still the best. Most are music production oriented, and unfortunately, I'm not a musician. It's nice to have a publication the caters to our genre of expertise.

George Johnson
Voicebox Productions

Mag is sounding awesome as usual! Really digging the articles and interviews as of late too. Great work to you and your team!

Ron Tarrant
91-7 The Bounce
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I continue to subscribe to R.A.P. because the info that is shared is timeless, thought-provoking and helpful to Voice Actors too. Production people of all walks of life and employment help each other with their unique perspectives. I would feel left out without renewing and participating each year. Keep up the great work!

Johnny George
Johnny George Communications, Inc.
Fishers, Indiana

Keep up the great work with R.A.P. - I appreciate each and every issue.

Mike Laponis, Voice Talent

Thanks for everything you do with R.A.P. Mag. I learn so much every time I read it. It is worth every cent and more!!!!

Anthony McNutt
Newcap Radio, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

R.A.P is the best "club" in the world. Since I first head about R.A.P. magazine when I started in radio in the late 80's and somebody loaned me the cassette to listen to, I knew I wanted to move from engineering and become a producer.

Ian Fish, Multimedia & Events Producer
Heart 100.7, Birmingham, United Kingdom

R.A.P. Mag is a great resource for the entire radio station! I'm always encouraging writers and salespeople to read the articles. And as a young producer, it's taught me so much already. Listening to the monthly CD is very inspirational. Thanks!

Zach Parkscott, Producer
Island Radio, Nanaimo, B.C., Canada

I've been a long-time reader of R.A.P. and have learned a lot of great production tips and tricks I've put to good use over the years.

Chuck Archer, Creative Services Director
Centennial Broadcasting, Fredericksburg, Virginia

I'm a new subscriber and now a big fan of what you're doing with the R.A.P. Magazine. A producer friend of mine told me about the magazine and I'm hooked! Wonderful ideas, entertaining stories, product features, the producers' network (great idea), and the CD...having the R.A.P. Mag around helps keep me creative and motivated. Thanks for R.A.P. – it keeps me going!

Matt Wallace, Production Manager
89.5 The Hawk (CHWK-FM), Chilliwack, BC, Canada

R.A.P. Mag is the only soft cover publication that's become a TEXTBOOK requirement for our Radio Production Students. In fact by the time the first year students hit their groove in the 2nd Semester, those who have worked the hardest get the nod and this quote: "Awesome work, now you're ready for your subscription to R.A.P. Mag"!

Dave Bannerman, Radio & Television Arts Faculty
Nova Scotia Community College, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

The magazine and monthly CD continue to be top-notch. Keep up the great work!

Dave Stewart
WPLJ, New York City
President, Creative Broadcast Audio, Inc.

I'd be lost without R.A.P. mag. Every article I read takes me in a new direction...its great inspiration!

Roy Hall
Londonderry, Northern Ireland

...well done on such great content in this month's R.A.P. Mag. That kind of info is indispensable to our industry!! I so enjoyed the read!!!! Thanks again for a great mag!

Lindsay Johnson, Primedia Broadcasting
Johannesburg, South Africa

Your magazine has been a great help over the years, and I look forward to receiving it each month.

Dave Golterman, First Step Productions
Langdon, North Dakota I go to my new station, the FIRST piece of production equipment I have requested is a membership to R.A.P. Mag.

Dave Cruickshank, Former Production Manager
CKLM-FM/The Goat, Lloydminster, Alb., Canada

Love the mag as always -- great to see others opinions on things. And often when I have a question I want answered, it ends up being in the next issue before I've had a chance to ask any friends!

Chris Nicoll, Imaging Director
ZM Network, New Zealand

I really look forward to next month's magazine. I always find something compelling in there! Especially being relatively new on the scene (out of broadcast school for 2 years now), it's great to see so much positive energy and discussion about what we do.

Greg Lowes, Producer
Island Radio, Courtenay/Campbell River, B.C., Canada

So many owe R.A.P. so much....

Andrew Crothers, Creative Director
Mediacorp Radio, Singapore

I love the mag. It's the best $115 I have EVER spent. Once a month, I am like a kid at Christmas when I get my magazine. :) You guys are doing incredible work! Keep it up!!!!!

Rick Andrews
Gap Broadcasting, Amarillo, TX

The things I have learned from R.A.P... the inspiration it gives me... to be included with the talented producers/writers that are on each CD in a forum that I respect very much... I just wanted to say thank you!

Brent Hatcher, Production Director
KILO/KYZX, Colorado Springs, CO.

"I've been a subscriber to R.A.P. Magazine since you guys included cassette tapes with the issues, and I still learn something new every issue!"

Mark Montana, Production Director
Clear Channel, Bakersfield, CA

I'd just like to say that I absolutely love R.A.P. Mag! I've only been a subscriber since September, but I don't think there's been one article in each edition that I haven't learned something from that I can apply to my commercials and imaging. My work has improved so much since I got my first magazine that I just wanted to say thank you! I'm going to be a subscriber for as long as you keep publishing.

Liz Micklethwaite, Production Manager
AVR/Magic 94.9/1450 CFAB
Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 1H5

First let me start by saying I love R.A.P. teacher Dave Bannerman told me I should get it a few years ago, but I kept putting it off...don't tell Dave but he is a smart man. Already made my money back in the first issue. Thanks R.A.P.!

Anthony McNutt

I just had to send you an email to let you know how much I enjoyed my first edition of the magazine. It arrived about 2 weeks ago and I have read and re-read it. I must have spun the CD a dozen times and generated as many new ideas from it. My PD is all over it too. Can't wait for the March edition to arrive now! Thanks a lot.

Vaughan Jones
Hot 91 - Sunshine Coast QLD., Australia

I'm loving the magazine and getting an awful lot from it... including valuable contact with other producers around the world who have helped, advised and inspired me via email discussions and critiques...

Ian Fish
Heart FM, West Midlands, United Kingdom