Radio And Production was established in 1988 as a printed publication and continued as such through 2017 when the publication went fully online. It is targeted exclusively to radio's production, imaging, creative/copywriting and voiceover personnel, including Production Directors, Imaging Directors and Creative Directors, but also includes material of interest to programmers, air personalities and radio salespeople. It is currently in its 34th year of publication and serves radio stations, production houses, advertising agencies, and educational outlets worldwide.

One of Radio And Production's most unique features has been its audio showcase, which started in 1989 as the R.A.P. Cassette, eventually became the R.A.P. CD, and is now known as the R.A.P. Soundstage. All audio submitted to R.A.P. since 1989 is now online and includes features, commercials, promos, sweepers/IDs, and other programming material from the world's top radio producers, plus full-length samplers of audio from interview subjects and more. It is perhaps the largest single collection of radio production in the world. 

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  • The R.A.P. Cassette - November 1990

    Welcome to the November '90 Cassette. Side A offers quite a variety of promos, some you simply have to hear to believe. Cut 13 is a promo that WLAV...