Introducing new machine learning for tackling noise, and new tools for music streaming. The definitive audio repair toolkit now includes intelligent real-time dialogue isolation, and new loudness tech for music.
The audio fidelity of analog, meets the power of digital. Industry first console series that is controllable via software.
New Quantum Interfaces available in four models: Quantum ES 2, Quantum ES 4, Quantum HD 2, and Quantum HD 8.
Enhance your tracks with instant vocal riffs, talkbox vibes, and rich textures – perfect for pop, hip hop, and R&B productions.
H3000 Factory Mk II and H3000 Band Delay Mk II plug-ins represent 'the Holy Grail' of DAW-based effects processing, delivering timeless sound in an inspiring, flexible design.
Drawing on SSL’s extensive expertise in analogue and digital EQ design, X-DynEQ is Solid State Logic’s most advanced EQ plug-in and their first ever with dynamic processing capabilities.


  • The R.A.P. CD - May 2005

    Production demo from interview subject, Stewart Byars at WCMT/WCDZ, Martin, TN; plus the 2005 Radio And Production Awards "Best of the Rest - Part...


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    It's a bonus when you can involve the sports talk show producer in your promo content
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