Welcome to the 54th Cassette! Side A opens with an impressive collection of work from Holly Buchanan and company, subject of this month's interview! We fill out the middle of side A with a handful of promos then close the side with four first rate sweeper montages.

Side B opens with the three Mercury Awards finalists Flip Michaels writes about in this month's Cheat Sheet. We get our first dose of a client capitalizing on the Jurassic Park craze from Scott Statham/WLAP (cut 4), and we get our first Jurassic Park flavored spoof (cut 14) from Rafe Sampson/WCFL. Side B wraps with a moving tribute to Conway Twitty from Al Mason/WLWI.

Side A

Cut 1 - Production sampler from Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, VA
Cut 2 - "MTV Alternative Nation Tour" - L.Whitt(wp), R.Chase(v), D.Marion(v)/KRBE-FM, Houston, TX
Cut 3 - "Mexico/Virgins" - Tom Richards(wpv)/KRTS/KRTK, Houston, TX
Cut 4 - "Perfect Album Side" - Rich VanSlyke(wpv), Joe Kelly(v)/WKLS-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 5 - "Audio Auditions" - S.Tarrant(wpv), J.Hull(v), R.Kohl(v)/KBIQ-FM, Colorado Springs, CO
Cut 6 - "Rockadile T-Shirts" - Mike Doran(wpv)/97X, Davenport, IA
Cut 7 - "Destination Tropics" - Karl Gruber(wpv)/WHOK-FM, Lancaster, OH
Cut 8 - "Be Like Mike" - Bryan Jeffries(w), K.J.Anthony(vp)/WYMG-FM, Springfield, IL
Cut 9 - Sweeper Montage - Carl Harris(p), Mitch Craig(v)/WXZL-FM, Baltimore, MD
Cut 10 - Sweeper Montage - Bill Towery(p), Greg Fadick(v)/WCKG-FM, Chicago, IL
Cut 11 - Sweeper Montage - Richard Werry(wpv)/KZYR-FM, Avon, CO
Cut 12 - Sweeper Montage - Leon Flood(wp), Brian James(v)/Z-92, Omaha, NE

Side B

Cut 1 - Mercury Finalist #1: "Record Alley/Conditioning" - WEBN, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 2 - Mercury Finalist #2: "Subaru/Biff" - KSSK-FM, Honolulu, HI
Cut 3 - Mercury Finalist #3: "Arbitron's Great Radio Promotion" - KNHN-AM, Kansas City, KS
Cut 4 - "Jurassic Park" - Scott Statham(pw), Rod Willis(v)/WLAP-FM, Lexington, KY
Cut 5 - "J.R. Nash Moving & Storage" - Bryan Locke(wpv)/WBGN, Bowling Green, KY
Cut 6 - "Heaven Sent Limo" - Rafe Sampson/WCFL-FM, Chicago, IL
Cut 7 - "Lipton Ice Tea" - Dain Craig(wpv), Todd Colland(v)/KISN-FM, Salt Lake City, UT
Cut 8 - "Rhino Lining" - Rick Calvert(wpv), Scott Jay(v)/KIOZ-FM, San Diego, CA
Cut 9 - "Gym Systems" - S.Phillips(w), C.Jackman(p), D.Schutte/J.Dean(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario
Cut 10 - "Lucallos/Godfather" - Vito Gee(wpv)/WDEK/WIBK, DeKalb, IL
Cut 11 - "Putt Putt" - Dave Kelly(vp), Lou Velker(w)/WCM, Ypsilanti, MI
Cut 12 - "Pirates Restaurant" - Debbie Parmley(wpv)/KLLL-FM, Lubbock, TX
Cut 13 - "Golden Dolphin" - M.Vlaco(w), Morgan/Christian(v), C.Diamond(vp)/WNTA, Rockford, IL
Cut 14 - "Jurassic Park" spoof - Rafe Sampson/WCFL-FM, Chicago, IL
Cut 15 - "Tribute to Conway Twitty" - Al Mason/WLWI, Montgomery, AL

On the Soundstage

Sentry Box
Joel Poirier, Kaden Hawkins, Will Halliwell


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