THE MUSIC BAKERY announces the release of CD number 19 in their buy-out library. Each CD consists of full-length themes and broadcast edits in a wide variety of musical styles. Just $48 per CD. For more info, contact the Music Bakery at (800) 229-0313.

Have a need for Asian production music? SCHTUNG MUSIC has released a library of Asian music on CD-ROM. It's called Heart of Asia: Phrases, Instruments and Utterances from the Far East. For more information call Schtung Music in Singapore at (65) 225-0781.


AKAI DIGITAL recently unveiled the DR8 Multi-track Hard Disk Recorder. A continuation of the DR4d line, the DR8 features 8-track recording to a single disk and a built-in 16-channel mixer. The DR8 permits 8-track simultaneous recording and playback. The standard 1GB drive provides up to 3 hours and 17 minutes of track time at 44.1kHz sampling. You get non-destructive, random access editing, a jog/shuttle wheel, 109 auto-locate points and more. The price? Sit down...just $4,995. Shipments are expected to begin in March! Other news from Akai: Version 2.0 operating system software is now available for the S2800, S3000, S3200, and CD3000s stereo digital samplers; and the entire line of S-series samplers have been reduced in price by as much as 25%. For more info, contact James Martin at AKAI Professional in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 336-5114, ext. 140.

If you're the kind that likes lots of nifty little high-tech toys, you'll like the latest gadget from PANASONIC, a hand-sized organizer that electronically scans, stores and displays 500 standard business cards, complete with a scheduler, world clock, and calculator functions. (201) 346-7182.

E-MU SYSTEMS announces the Emulator IV stereo sampler. Features include a new graphical interface, 128-voice polyphony, up to 128 megabytes of RAM, multiple sampling frequencies and more. Call (408) 438-1921 for more info.

Owners of Mackie's 24 and 32 channel mixing consoles can now expand them with the Mackie 24-E Expander which provides 24 more inputs. An optional meter bridge is available. Call (206) 487-4333 for info.

LEXICON's new PCM-80 is a true stereo effects box featuring digital and analog I/O and 200 presets of effects and reverbs. List price, $2,500. (617) 736-0300.

TASCAM announces the availability of Version 3.01 software for the DA-88. No charge. Call for more info, (213) 726-0303.

Have you got more hum and noise in your studio than you (or your engineer) can handle? Check out the ASP-100 from PIETSCH ELECTRONICS. For $229 you get a stereo signal processor consisting of notch filters and a "harmonic enhancer" which together work to reduce hum by a reported 95%! Call for info, (301) 540-2471.


Congrats to Frank Scales, former Creative Services Manager at KLBJ-FM in Austin, TX. He's the newest addition to the staff of producers at Bill Young Productions in Houston!

And congrats to Tom Hansom for getting out of radio altogether! The former Assistant Production Director at WMYU/WWST in Knoxville, TN is now the Director of Public Relations/Promotions for Libertyland/Mid-South Fair in Memphis, TN!

FOCAL PRESS announces the publication of Sound And Recording: An Introduction, Second Edition. The book is targeted to those early in their careers and covers such basics as acoustics, auditory perception, mixing console layout and functions, analog and digital recording basics, noise reduction, time code, MIDI, mic basics and more. $34.95. (617) 928-2500.

The deadline for entries to the Radio-Mercury Awards is March 3. The competition is open to entries from ad agencies and production houses, so you're competing with another league. However, they do offer one category, "Radio Station-Produced," that is for entries produced at a radio station by station personnel. The category is for commercials only, you'll compete with all market sizes in the same category, and you'll pay an entry fee of $95 -- but there are cash prizes. Call for info, (212) 254-4800.

In a business where few trade publications even acknowledge Production Directors, we must tip our hats to Radio World for a small yet accurate piece describing the lack of Production Directors at trade shows [Keeping Up With DAWs, Radio World, Dec. 28, 1994]. Here's the last half of the article: Yes, the production staff is always busy, but not including at least one production representative in trade show plans seems unwise. Who better to know than the person who uses the gear as to what features make the department more productive (within the station's budget, of course)? Although the chief engineer can do a good job of selecting equipment and reporting back from the NAB show, there is no substitute for direct, hands-on tryouts by the production folks. At a recent NAB convention, a story was told about a station where a multi-thousand dollar workstation was purchased without the production staff's input. The production staff ended up hating it and continued to use the familiar reel-to-reel machines and razor blades. Obviously, this was not a good investment for the station. To complete the equipment education process, at the very least, station or station group production directors should be sent to the trade shows along with the chief engineer, so they, too, can get an idea of the trends. After all, an enlightened production staff enhances the bottom line; a station will get better quality commercial spots, jingles and on-air audio. Thanks for noticing, RW!


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