Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

Emotional radio works. When you position your client’s solution to the problem your audience members have, make it emotional.

We all want to feel good. What’s one of the most powerful emotions leading to a good feeling? Hope.

What does your client’s solution’s promise? How does it provide hope? Does it offer relief from pain, a path out of debt, a way to belong, a stylish appearance, or an indulgent reward? Show us. Don’t tell us. Create a story about a customer’s problem that was solved. As the story progresses, show how the advertiser’s product or service helped at each step of the solution.

Get listeners to know, like and trust your client. Tell ‘em your client’s story – unveil it as a campaign of stories.

Don’t have the brand become the salesperson. It’s more credible to have others: customers, characters, a different announcer, be spokespersons or fans for the brand.

Ever hear a commercial that was funny, powerful, but you couldn’t remember the advertiser? We all have. Positioning the advertiser as someone who offers hope will more powerfully embed that advertiser in your audience’s memory. A client who offers hope cares about the prospect; is there to help, rather than just sell.

Is there an authentic way you can convey that the advertiser cares, that the prospect can trust the advertiser? People need confidence to make a decision. They’ll have it if your solution can lift them up with hope.

Stories of customers who got results, stories of employees who went out of their way to help, stories of ways the advertiser is helping the community with their services, or educating people to improve their lives all help build the aura of care. It’s leading with the heart, and it can differentiate the advertiser from their competitors.

The commercial needs to carry through on the promise - the spark of hope you’ve ignited in your headline.

You want the audience to remember your client’s brand and to associate it with hope. Associating your client’s brand with hope will help them remember it.