This month's Cassette begins with an amazing demo from this month's interview subject, Jeff Thomas of Virgin Radio, London. Lots of great promos on Side A with a special treat at cuts 10 and 11. Warning, cut 10 is not for innocent ears. It is about a minute of outtakes from a voice-over session with Jack Palance, who is not at all amused with the people he's working with. Joel Moss takes the outtakes and, in his usual enterprising way, incorporates them into a promo for the station's T-shirts.

Side B kicks off with an unusual spot for a jewelry store. WOZZ Creative Services Director, Kitty Kasper, writes: This is a true story. The Appleton Jewelry Mart was indeed robbed as described in the "actual recreation of the 911 call...." The client decided to try to make the best of a bad situation by running a sale. The client wrote the spot and is also the voice of "Maxx." Kitty is the female voice. The rest of Side B is filled with more creative spots from around the globe. Nice job, everyone! Thanks for your support of The Cassette!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Jeff Thomas/Virgin Radio, London, England
Cut 2 - "Ed Bain's Giant Garage Sale" - Ross McIntyre/100.3 The Q, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Cut 3 - "Yugo Giveaway" - Jim Blommel/WGRR-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cut 4 - "Bruce Hornsby" - R.McCarten(wpv), L.Turner/J.Weiser(v)/WIIL/WLIP, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Cut 5 - "Mark Chesnutt Concert" - John Taylor(pv), J.J. McKay(v)/KBEQ-FM, Kansas City, Missouri
Cut 6 - "WHAM Sports" - Brad Smith(wp), Lonnie Perkins(v)/Perkins & Co., Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 7 - "Mix 9@9" - J.Masecar(p), P.Cugliari(w), J.Conrad(v)/Mix 99.9, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cut 8 - "Power Rangers Punch Fest" - Todd Shannon(w), Ranger Bob(vp)/WWST-FM, Knoxville, Tennessee
Cut 9 - "Kid in King Arthur's Court" - Fred Cunha/Big Kahuna Productions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cut 10 - "Jack Palance Outtakes" - Joel Moss, Jack Palance(v)/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cut 11 - "Garment District/Frogs Fireworks T" - Joel Moss(wv), Jack Palance(v)/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cut 12 - "Real Music Weekend" - Rich Boerner(wpv), John Driscoll(v)/WTKS-FM, Orlando, Florida
Cut 13 - "Red Hot Summer Rules" - Scotty Matthews(pv), Scott Scarborough(w)/WKQQ-FM, Lexington, Kentucky

Side B

Cut 1 - "Appleton Jewelry Mart" - Kitty Kasper/WOZZ-FM, Appleton, Wisconsin
Cut 2 - "El Coyote Restaurant" - B.Cooney(pv), G.J.Walker(wv), C.Cruise(v)/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cut 3 - "Elite Transmission" - J.Perry(wpv), B.Lawrence/M.Smith(v)/WIIL/WLIP, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Cut 4 - "Process One" - L.Moore(w), D.Moore(v), K.Morgan(vp)/KOSP-FM, Springfield, Missouri
Cut 5 - "Buffalo Charlie's" - Dan Youngs(p), Renaud Timson(wv)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cut 6 - "Five Forks" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, Virginia
Cut 7 - "TC Computers" - Doug Grant(wpv)/WKLT-FM, Traverse City, Michigan
Cut 8 - "Italiani's Pasta..." - Jim LaBarbara/Jim Blommel(v)/WGRR-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cut 9 - "First Federal" - Dale Baglo(wp)/Dale Baglo Broadcast, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Cut 10 - "Orbit Comedy Club" - Dave Reed(wpv)/WMHK-FM, Columbia, South Carolina
Cut 11 - "Hoover's Cabinet Place" - Jon Helmuth(pv)/WFRN-FM, Elkhart, Indiana
Cut 12 - "County Line" - Matt Rawlings(wpv)/WGRL/WFMS, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 13 - "Casco Bay Ford" - Bill Flowers/Urban Wild Productions, North Bridgeton, Maine
Cut 14 - "Crazy Horse Saloon" - Patrick O'Regan/Corks 96 FM, Cork City, Ireland
Cut 15 - "TLC Caterers" - Hamlin(w), Houston(p), Hogan/Barry/West(v)/2XS-FM, Palmerstown North, New Zealand
Cut 16 - "Disco Round" - Randy Horvath/Vanilla Gorilla Productions, Bryan/College Station, Texas
Cut 17 - "Island Saw" - Ross McIntyre/100.3 The Q, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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