Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

When you’re clear on whom your commercial is talking to, it’s time to get to know them. They’ll be most receptive to a message if it’s pitched right to their comfort zone.

What gives them comfort is what they’re familiar with. What are they thinking, feeling, experiencing? What’s on their psychic hard drive?

You can Google for insights, talk with actual members of the group you want to reach, ask others who know them or have had success reaching them.

As you write, mirror their values – gain their loyalty. You won’t be able to convince, convert, alter or change a prospect’s values – especially in a commercial. They’ve spent their whole lives building their belief system – which has been reinforced by their education, parents and peers.

What are the core emotions of the potential buyer?  These will be basic - belonging, love, respect, recognition. Taylor your client’s offer to touch their emotions.

Talk to them as a member of their tribe. Let them know you share their common experiences.

We’ve achieved success for clients by getting into the mindsets of mountain bikers who see themselves as tough dogs, organic food shoppers who see themselves as caring parents, new homeowners who feel their home is their family’s “nest.”

From each of their points of view, we then speak to their values and reflect what’s important to them.

Start with an engaging audio headline – the 4-5 second opportunity at the beginning of your message to get their attention. People are looking for fulfillment. Your job is to hint at it in the headline and convey throughout the rest of the commercial that your client can deliver it. The story should be told in a way that reflects their values.

Keep in mind that this is a conversation with one person – the target listener whose values you are reflecting. From these comfort zone conversations comes connection.

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