Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

What are the elements of your client’s business that you think are disadvantages? Can they be turned into advantages?

Here are some questions to consider, with examples of turnarounds. You may be able to ask your client these directly, or answer them yourself and craft commercials to show why the answers are advantages for your audience.

What don’t you do? You won’t find burgers, pot roast or French fries on our menu. Only all-natural, organic vegan selections, made with fresh ingredients from our own gardens.


Hey, don’t come here looking for quiche or light salads. We serve up the biggest, most outrageous deep-fried, mouth-watering sandwiches in Texas. If you’re man enough to finish our MonsterBurger, then any one of our gut-busting desserts is on the house.

What don’t you have? You won’t find any “toys” here. No “use ‘em for a few months and replace ‘em” tools. Everything inside these doors is tough, time-tested, industrial strength equipment that’ll take anything you can dish out. This is where the professionals shop. Tools that you’ll pass on to your grandson.

What don’t you include? We don’t have a smoothie bar, subdued lighting, or walls of mirrors. No spandex for miles - only tons of heavy iron and drill-sergeant-tough trainers who will push you to build the body of your dreams.

What don’t you provide? We don’t provide delivery and setup. No fancy showrooms. Arrive with cash and be ready to load your vehicle and you’ll drive away with amazing furniture at amazing prices.

What do you leave out? Got a client who offers only the basics? Motel 6 has consistently positioned itself as a destination that has no avocado body balm, no mint on the pillow and no restaurant, to emphasize its no-frills approach and affordable prices.

Who isn’t your prospect? Your Aunt Dorothy wouldn’t be comfortable here. Your brother the insurance actuary wouldn’t make this his first choice for a night out. Your uncle who thinks he’s “hip” would feel out of place. But you… this is your kind of place.

When aren’t you open or available? Chick-fil-A Restaurants have been closed on Sundays since 1946. They’re at the top of the list in consumer satisfaction surveys.

Where are you? We’re 20 minutes from the metro, and our overhead is lower, so you won’t get saddled with big city prices.


We’re right in the heart of the city, near everything that’s important to you. Your time is precious and we’re only seconds away.

How are you unconventional? We are accepting applications to become a client this week only. You may find that unusual, but the level of care that we provide can only be offered to a select few who qualify.

Don’t let your client’s perceptions of their disadvantages stand in the way of their success. You know how to position them as advantages to their potential customers.

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