Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

Here’s how to help your clients build traffic, build trust and build sales. And you thought you were just creating radio ads?

Get your clients to offer free lessons, coaching, free samples, free seminars, deep discounts, free ancillary services or products. For example, free cooking classes from a restaurant, food store, or kitchen supply store; free music, golf, tennis or martial arts lessons from a sports store; a free book, e-book, teleseminar or guest lecture; free how-to seminars (buy a used car, landscape your yard, build a deck, make wine, plan garden, build a straw bale house). There are endless possibilities.

The list above can also be offered for free with a required purchase. If your client can give people the experience of how good they are, then they’ll have established a relationship.

Gradually build trust.

The greatest number of people will buy or take advantage of free entry-level products or services. If the advertiser delivers, or even over-delivers on that initial purchase, they’ll build trust and familiarity. Now the advertiser has a relationship with the customer and can maintain contact with him to sell other related products or services.

Those fans, advocates, herd or tribal members – however you describe them -- will buy again, will make larger or repeat purchases and will tell their friends.

These are the customers whose stories and/or voices can make an impact when heard in your client’s commercials.

A free seminar or workshop can lead to ongoing lessons, an advanced course, a weekend special, or high-level individual coaching. This marketing sequence can work for a variety of advertisers.

A free birthday dinner from a restaurant can lead to regular lunches, dinners, and maybe catering for a wedding or other event.

What you as a marketing advisor are doing is showing advertisers ways to get the attention of prospects, and then establish relationships with them.

The commercials can advertise every step in the process, generating traffic and helping your client gather a larger tribe as the campaign continues.

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