Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

These are challenging times for all of us who advertise, or sell and create advertising. All around us we see fear, depression, and deer-in-the-headlights inaction.

And yet, we know (or at least we’ve been told by some grizzled veterans) that the best thing we can do for our clients is to keep them advertising. This grizzled veteran has weathered some past downturns and I agree. Clients who continue will not only survive, but also prosper.

BUT… what can we confidently tell our clients? How do we know what to advertise, who to advertise to, how to advertise effectively, or what will work in this interesting economy?

What if, there was a place where you could go to get ads, campaigns, promotions, or tactics that were proven to be successful in this economy?

And what if it were free?

There is.

If you visit now you’ll find a few stories there, with more to come. Where will they come from? You.

In every market throughout this great land there are advertisers who have figured out how to make money. There are broadcasters creating successes for their clients. There are agencies with a unique twist or an insight into what works NOW.

When each of us contributes a few of these proven gems – we all benefit.

Advertising Success Stories is a collecting point, an archive, a resource, a place to share what works NOW, and a magnet for the best, most useable, adaptable ideas to bust the recession.

Note the emphasis on NOW, not something that got results a year ago. You’ll find, and hopefully contribute things that are getting results now.

They might be ideas, campaigns, promotions, commercials, sales strategies or tactics. If they work, this is the place to get ‘em and to post ‘em.

Describe as much as you can: the problem, goal, solution, media schedule, results and the ad - email, letter, radio spot TV ad, sales strategy, web ad – whatever. We can all learn from every medium.

Sure, I’ve created a few promotions/spots/campaigns that are getting great results, but so have each of you. I’m only one. When we all share – we all benefit.

The best contributions on will be celebrated. You’ll be able to comment, describe how you modified a suggested idea or tell us what worked and what didn’t work.

We can bust this recession one idea at a time.

Please suggest ways in which the site can be improved. This is a resource for all of us.

Got something that has helped a client succeed in this economy? Submit it. While you’re here, grab a few and go make money. Come back often. We’re collecting fresh ones daily.

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