Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

If you don’t reach the heart, you won’t make the sale. When creating commercials, we often get ahead of ourselves and assume that a compelling list of facts will convince prospects to buy.

I’m suggesting a simple turnaround.

Grab their heart and their mind will follow. And what is their heart asking? “Solve this emotional problem for me.” What is the emotional problem the advertiser solves for its customers, clients, patrons, diners, visitors, participants, members, subscribers, volunteers associates?

That may be the most important question you ask the advertiser as you gather the information to craft their commercial. How does the audience feel now? At risk, ignored, disliked, ignored, alone, dissed? These are all basic emotions.

How would they like to feel? What would you like them to feel about you?

First, you need to have them feel something about your commercial. If the commercial could help them feel safe, cared for, loved, nurtured, pampered or respected, then you’ll have their attention. If their interaction with and purchase from the advertiser delivers on that promise, you’re golden.

Too often we ask all the left-brain questions, get left brain answers, create commercials that only speak to the intellect. Asking questions that have to do with feelings will give you input to touch the heart. That’s where the key to the treasury is hidden.

Logical, rational, left-brain commercials attempt to do what print does – reach the small percentage of people who are already in the market for the product or service. Radio, when created effectively to touch the heart, reaches everyone – both present and future purchasers.

You’ve created an impression with that much larger segment of your audience, and when they’re ready for the advertiser’s product or service, your advertiser will be a little closer to top of mind awareness.

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