ORBAN announces the release of Version 5.0 software for the DSE-7000. The new software contains several features including Time-Fit time compression and expansion. Compress or expand an element or stereo mix by as much as 25%. Other features of the upgrade include pitch shifting, two-octave vari-speed copy, reverse audio, and expanded help files. Orban is also working with Broadcast Electronics to develop interconnect software for BE's AudioVAULT digital audio delivery system. Orban also announced full compatibility with the ENCO DAD486x digital audio delivery system. For more information, contact Amy Herndon at (510) 351-3500, fax (510) 351-0500.

BBE SOUND's new 362NR Sonic Maximizer with noise reduction restores clarity and fullness to recordings. Call for more info, (714) 897-6766.

KORG has released Version 4.0 for the SoundLink workstation. Over 30 operational enhancements have been made including additional edit functions, auto saving, take numbering, keystroke short cuts, and improved scrubbing. The base SoundLink system has also been upgraded to a 1.4GB disk providing 240 track minutes expandable to over 24 hours. An Exabyte 8500 tape drive improves back-up/restore speed. For more information, call (516) 333-9100.

ALESIS announces System 4.0, a firmware upgrade for the ADAT digital 8-track. The $30 upgrade offers 62+ minutes of recording time on S-VHS ST-180 tapes. Other features include 1-button punch-in, and increased compatibility with Session 8 and ProTools. (310) 558-4530.

ENSONIQ introduces the DP/4+ Parallel Effects Processor. The successor to the popular DP/4 adds two algorithms, a guitar tuner, and a vocal "remover" algorithm for zapping vocals from recorded music. For more info call (800) 553-5151.

SPECTRAL presents Prisma Music, a new version of their PC based digital recording system that comes in a variety of configurations. Prices run from $6,000 for 2-channel version to just under $14,000 for sixteen channels. (206) 487-2931.

SYMETRIX introduces the 422 Stereo AGC/Leveler. The automatic gain controller is designed to boost stereo signals that fall below target output levels and pull back those that rise above it. For info call (206) 787-3222.

FOSTEX continues to down-size the Foundation digital workstation. The new Foundation RE is an 8-track version with ADAT interface, digital I/O and more for $8,995. (310) 921-1112.

HHB COMMUNICATIONS announces the HHB Recordable CD as part of their expanding Advanced Media Products line. The 680Mb/74 minute recordable CD is designed for use with audio, multi-media, graphics, and general CD ROM use. Contact Independent Audio in the U.S. at (207) 773-2424.

YAMAHA has a new reverb box. The REV100 comes in at a low $299 and offers 99 programs with stereo reverbs, gates, flange, delays and combinations of effects. Easy to use. Check out the new D5000 Digital Delay from Yamaha for 10.4 seconds of sampling, six independent programmable delays, and lots more for $1,499. (714) 522-9011.


BROWN BAG PRODUCTIONS announces the release of Redline, the company's first 2 CD promo/programming library. After two and a half years in the making, Redline delivers 663 cuts: 130 logos, 403 sounds, and 130 music beds in a variety of styles with the typical Brown Bag potency. Call (303) 756-9949 for the scoop!

MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC adds two new releases to their Apple Trax library. AT4 Grunge contains alternative rock and heavy metal cuts, and AT5 Hot Country features ten pop country cuts. (212) 333-5766.


CREATIVE MEDIA introduces a newly updated mailing list of the top 100 TV market major network affiliates and their Promotions Directors. The list is perfect for sending out brochures/tapes pushing your voice-over skills to promotion, marketing and creative directors looking for new talent. TV stations need voices, too! The list is available on laser labels for a one time use with reduced rates for updates. Call (214) 498-8783.

Congrats to Dennis Daniel/Topline Advertising for being chosen to participate in the preliminary judging of the 36th Annual Clio Awards. (516) 588-5900.

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