It is always a pleasure to see a new Radio And Production appear in the Production box. The perspectives and tips in the magazine are a good thing. Keep up the good work.

Perry Persoff, Production Director
KOTR-FM, Cabria, California

A while back, under a sky thick with haze, fog, and production orders, the skies parted to reveal a beam of light. Down this golden shaft traveled Radio And Production to my trembling hands...You've made it fun to work long hours to just CREATE again. Thanks!

Timothy Miles, Creative Director
WOOZ-FM, Carbondale, IL

Thank you for your wonderful publication. As it gets tougher and tougher out here on the front line, it's good to know you're not alone!

Holly Buchanan, Creative Director
WMXB-FM, Richmond, VA

As a new subscriber I can tell you I waited too long to become a member of your awesome publication! Thank you for such a great mag and The Cassette is always an inspiration!

Jeff Schmidt, Creative Director
WRGX-FM, X107, New York, NY

In the past couple of years, I may have gone in and out the doors of a few stations, but one thing I've always taken with me is my Radio And Production "mag!" Thanks for everything.

Paul M. Bahr, Production Director
WLZR-FM, Milwaukee, WI

I've been a reader of the magazine for years. Every job I take, I talk the GM into a subscription... great ideas for spec on the cassette, and I enjoy hearing the work of all the talented people in my field. Some of my stuff will be on the way soon!

Rob Walker, Production Director
WZID/WFEA, Manchester, NH

Your magazine's articles and interviews offer a lot of ideas and encouragement for those days when creativity isn't exactly flowing freely. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Shedera Bausch, Continuity Director
KMAN-AM/KMKF-FM/KXBZ-FM, Manhattan, Kansas

It has been interesting to watch Radio And Production grow into one of the premier resources for Production and Creative Directors. Good to know there's someone in "our" corner. Thanks!

Kathy Morgan, Production Director
KOSP-FM, Springfield, Missouri

Your Cassette and magazine, month after month, give me creative incentive to excel in my writing and production skills. That's more inspiration than my managers have given me in years! Thanks, R.A.P.!

Monica Ballard, Production/Creative Director
WMYI-FM, Greenville, South Carolina

Thank you for your great publication. Radio producers and writers may now congregate in spirit without drawing flies at bars and trade shows.

Bill Flowers
Urbanwild Productions, North Bridgton, Maine

I love receiving you magazine every month. It gives me great ideas, and I like to read about Production Directors at other stations. I also enjoy the info on new equipment. Thanks for a great magazine!!!

Matt Rawlings, Production Director
WFMS/WGRL, Indianapolis, Indiana

Your publication is not only helpful, it's insightful. It's a huge sense of relief just to flip through the pages of R.A.P. and find others busting their ass daily to make radio advertising even stronger. Thanks to your entire staff for the great work!

Randy Horvath, Production Director
KTSR/WTAW/KAGG, Bryan/College Station, Texas

Look forward to receiving R.A.P. every month. The Cassette is hard to hold on to. Everyone at the station wants to borrow it. Maybe you should include 2 next time!

Johnny George, Production/Imaging Director
WNAP-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana

Keep up the good work, and helping us production folk with ideas, and unprecedented creative capability, which continually impresses our bosses!

Steve Taylor, Rock 101 Morning Show
Laurel/Hattiesburg, Mississippi

I'm a recent subscriber to Radio And Production, and I just wanted to write in and thank R.A.P. for being a light unto my dark and uncertain path. The articles and letters are fantastic. R.A.P. is one piece of equipment that should be handed out immediately after birth.

Dave Hunter, Production Director
WQLS-FM, Dothan, Alabama

Thanks for being the "Production Lifeline" for the industry!

Dave Kelly, Production Director
WCM-AM, Ypsilanti, MI

I've been an avid reader of Radio And Production for about a year. I'd like to thank you for putting together such an outstanding and informative magazine!

Wes Shainline, Production Assistant
WHZT-FM, Champaign, IL

I write checks out for rent, my car, and credit cards. I have no equity in my apartment, my car keeps depreciating, and my credit cards just charge me more. At least with R.A.P., it's nice to see I get something back for my "investment!"

Paul M. Bahr, Production Director

Since first subscribing to Radio And Production a year and a half ago, my eyes and ears have been opened to so many new, exciting ideas, suggestions, and points of view, I cannot even begin to put into words the immense help your publication has provided me.

Brian Kelsey, Production Director
WAXQ-FM, New York, NY

Every month that goes by, I get more and more out of R.A.P., from talking to folks on the Networks, to tips and reviews. I can't imagine doing this job without R.A.P.!

Craig Rogers, Production Director
WHO-AM/KLYF-FM, Des Moines, IA

Thanks for the excellent publication. It has been great watching R.A.P. evolve over the years. You are truly serving a need for all of us who battle those deadlines everyday! Keep up the great work!

Ed Brown, Creative Director
KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO

Just wanted to send along my praise for R.A.P.. The articles, the production on The Cassette, the entire package has improved so much the past year. Whatever you guys are doing...keep it up! The articles and Test Drives on all the digital systems are very worthwhile. I've been test driving as many as I can get my hands on, and the information in R.A.P. really helps me get an overview before I get something in my hands. I routinely copy our Chief Engineer on two or three articles a month from R.A.P..

Ron Harper, Production Director
WWMG-FM, Charlotte, NC

Thanks for the great articles on "digital toys." My GM keeps asking me about digital technology and about what's hot equipment-wise. Thanks to everyone at R.A.P., I know what to say, and I can sound like a pro!

Paul M. Bahr, Production Director

I went through quite a battle just to get a subscription to R.A.P.. The General Manager has now perused the first issue and was just as thrilled as I to see his hard earned dollars were well spent. Thanks.

Randy Roberts, Production Director

Radio And Production is such a goldmine! You can sign me up for life!

Colin Day, Colin Day Creative
Kidderminster, Worcs, United Kingdom

Thanks for the great industry mag. Our staff at 96-X always bugs me for the new R.A.P. before I've even had a chance to read it.

Hobie Stevens, Production Director

I am a new subscriber to R.A.P.. The articles and "The Cassette" have become a great source of information and inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Jennifer Murr, Production Manager
CFJR-AM/X103.7 FM, Brockville, Ontario, Canada

I cannot live without R.A.P.! It tests me, gives me insight and offers the kind of views that keep me on the right track. And I think every individual that's solo in his/her own production company needs that type of input.

Donald L. Hoffpauir, Owner
Red/Lane Productions, Baton Rouge, LA

We're really enjoying R.A.P.. I learn something new with each issue, and always look forward to hearing the latest edition of The Cassette. It's a fantastic creativity stimulator, and it's fun seeing what other stations across the country are doing.

Dave Reed, Production Director
WMHK-FM, Columbia, SC

This past summer, I discovered R.A.P. while waiting for equipment being serviced at Studio Supply in Dallas. After spotting some issues in the lobby, I spent the next few hours reading, taking notes, and absorbing as much as I could. R.A.P. is a winner, and I'm glad to be a member!

Skip Hill, Owner
Skip Hill Productions, Oklahoma City, OK

Here's a check to renew our R.A.P. subscription for the year. R.A.P. has become one of our stations' most valuable investments -- keep 'em coming!

Kathy Morgan, Production Director

This is my first Production Director's gig, and I don't think I would do as good a job without the insight that I get from Radio And Production. I have found it to be extremely informative, helpful, and very entertaining (most trade mags are so boring!)

Tommy J. Noles, Production Director
KBMX-FM, Osage Beach, MO

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