Enclosed you'll find my check for another year's membership. The company was very happy with the improvement we've had production-wise, so this year they gave ME a check for the subscription!

Paul M. Bahr, Production Director

Congratulations on your magazine. I feel as though I am not merely another subscriber to a bland trade journal, but rather a member of an elite club.

Carl J. Dempsey, Owner
Dempsey Productions, San Francisco, CA

This is the only mag for the passionate radio producer at a price anybody can reach. R.A.P. has the most user friendly information by a mile. Thanks.

Reid Thrush, Production Manager
WEZL-FM, Charleston, SC

I dropped Radio & Records -- too much record stuff, no production. Dropped Radio Only or whatever they call it now. I smiled when I wrote this check. Keep up the great work.

Rafe Sampson
WCFL-FM, Chicago, IL

Thanks for all the wonderful tips and The Cassette. It's really improved my skills. I sometimes wonder why I spent $17,000 on college, when all I needed to do was spend $1.63 per week on R.A.P.!

Paul M. Bahr, Production Director

Thanks for providing an invaluable service!

Gregg Sinclair, Production Manager
KZFM, Carlton, Victoria, Australia

There have been times in the past that I have dared my management to subscribe by proving to them that it would pay for itself. It always has. Keep up the good work.

Sterling Tarrant, Director of Network Production
The Word in Music Satellite Network/KBIQ-FM, Colorado Springs, CO

When it comes to the decision of eating or reading the new issue of Radio And Production, I usually go hungry.

Sean Lowman, Production Director
KZJH-FM, Jackson, WY

The production and copy staff (all four of us) greatly enjoy reading your informative and entertaining monthly magazine. We look forward to each new issue.

Michel Plaxton, Copywriter
CHFI-FM, Toronto, Ontario

We're really enjoying your mag and the monthly tapes. It's nice to be able to get a little sample from around the country. Keep up the great work.

Jerry Jackson, Program Director

I am continually impressed by your publication. The written content and the audio submissions to The Cassette are always thought provoking and sometimes truly inspiring.

Jim Pastrick, Creative Services Director
WGR/97 Rock/The Rock Network LMA, Buffalo, NY

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing all of us Production Directors with such a valuable and informative publication. I've only been in this business a short time now, but through Radio And Production, I've already learned helpful information that has improved the quality of my department.

Brian Kelsey, Production Director
WEFX-FM, Norwalk, CT

I was one of the subscribers you signed up from the Dan O'Day seminar in Washington, and I couldn't be happier! You always have something I can use in your magazine.

Mary Beth Rockwell, Production DIrector
WWBE-FM, Mifflinburg, PA

I have read every trade there is, and I must say that yours is the most informative, helpful and straightforward of all.

Steve L. Thompson, Operations Manager
KGBC-AM/KQQK-FM, Galveston, TX

As a new subscriber, I just want to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate your magazine. Some great tips and thought-provoking ideas.

Kathy Morgan, Production Manager
WKMQ/WNTA-AM, Rockford, IL

Keep up the great work. I learn something every month from Radio And Production, and I've been doing this for 23 years.

James L. Jones, Production Director
K99.1 FM/WHIO-AM, Dayton, OH

Like so many have said before me, and so many will say after, "The day your magazine comes is my best day of the month!"

Scott M. Statham, Production Director
WLAP/WMXL, Lexington, KY

Thank you for the abundant flow of tricks, tips, and technoid tid-bits. As many subscribers before me have stated, I too, eagerly await delivery of my monthly creative fix of Radio And Production! Yes!

Robert Sheldon
KITZ-AM/Mediamaxx Productions
Bremerton, WA

I'd like to thank everyone who works so hard every month to bring such a creative, informative magazine to the rest of us in the radio production field. I look forward to every issue. Thanks again!

Jeff Wallingford, Operations Manager
KNLT/KUJ Radio, Walla, Walla, WA

Thanks for the great magazine and the equally superb cassette. It's one of the few things around that helps us maintain our sanity.

Scott Scarborough, Creative Director
WKQQ-FM, Lexington, KY

I just devoured the May issue, and it's a darn good thing we don't pay royalties! As usual, lots of great ideas and lots of stuff to think about!

Craig Jackman, Production Director
CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

As an eighteen year production vet, it is sure great to finally have a production "forum" such as your publication. Good job, keep it up.

Ray Sherman, Program Director
97X, Davenport, IA

I really do enjoy reading R.A.P. each month. It's nice to get a little inspiration each month that I do not have to develop.

Jon Specht, Program/Production Director
KDSN-AM/FM, Denison, IA

I must tell you that R.A.P. has been a source of great information and inspiration to me. Thanks, and keep 'em coming.

Matt Weingarden, Production Director
CKWW-AM, Windsor, Ontario

I just got the April issue, and as usual, I got more than what I paid for. You're just not charging ENOUGH for the damn thing!

Al Peterson, Production Director

Radio And Production is well worth every penny. If you broke it down to cost-per-stolen-idea, I think I'd owe you a few bucks. I find that when the inspiration starts to wane, Radio And Production shows up in the mail, and zingo!! I'm juiced for another month.

Rafe Sampson, Production Director
WCFL-FM, Chicago, IL

You guys have put together the best magazine I've read in my thirteen years of radio. Keep up the great work!

Frank Scales, Production Director
B93/KBTS-FM, Austin, TX

I've just recently taken over the duties of Production Director at the mighty 96 after leaving Magic FM in Colorado Springs. I'd have to say the monthly arrival of your publication and tape is one of the best acquisitions of the new job.

Damon Scott, Production Director
96TIC-FM, Hartford, CT

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