We kick off the New Year with another Cassette packed with great work! Side A begins with a set of five spots from Roy “The Wizard” Williams, subject of this month’s RAP Interview. Read the interview before listening to fully appreciate these spots. The rest of Side A is filled with more excellent commercial work. Cut 4 for American Equity Mortgage takes advantage of the holiday season and makes a great connection with the classic Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Side B opens with audio for this month’s Producer’s VU, a superb piece of work from Don Elliot/KFI, Los Angeles. Cuts 2 through 13 are promos from around the globe. Cut 4 features the kind of winner we all wish we could get—could she get any more excited? Clinton continues to make appearances; cut 5 displays his popularity in Canadian radio. The last four cuts on Side B give us a marvelous dose of sweepers and IDs

Side A

1. Demo from Roy Williams, Roy H. Williams Marketing, Buda, Texas, (800) 425-4769
2. Dee’s Restaurant, John Brejot, Radio Works, Houston, Texas, (713) 789-3751
3. The Singles Network, Daryl Bolton, CJSD-FM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, (807) 346-2594
4. American Equity Mortgage, Pat White, WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri, (314) 781-9600
5. Sweet Factory, Garry “D”, KNIX-FM, Tempe, Arizona, (602) 966-6236
6. The Eye Site, Richard Stroobant, CJAY-FM, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (403) 240-5837
7. Club Yucatan, Ric Gonzalez, KISS-FM, San Antonio, Texas, (210) 646-0105
8. Saluki Book Stores, Timothy Miles, Zimmer Radio, Carterville, Illinois, (800) 455-3243
9. Rik’s Music, Matt Anthony, WXVO, Knoxville, Tennessee, (423) 588-6511
10. Lost In Space, Tom Wilson, WODJ-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan, (616) 956-3323
11. American Liberty Mortgage, Craig Buffington, WQIK/WJGR, Jacksonville, Florida, (904) 388-7711
12. New Castle KFC/Torture Test, Wade Barger, WMDH-AM/FM, New Castle, Indiana, (317) 529-2600

Side B

1. Confession, Don Elliot, KFI, Los Angeles, California, (213) 427-7236
2. Music Demonstrator, Lynn “Tiga” Wilson, 92 More FM, Christchurch, New Zealand, (377) 1999
3. Archers (alcoholic beverage), Shane Smyth, Mid & Northwest Radio, Sligo, Ireland, (353) 71-60108
4. Intuition Winner, Richard Stroobant, CJAY-FM, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (403) 240-5837
5. Buddy’s Buddy, Graeme Morgan, CKRD-FM, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, (403) 343-0700
6. New Year’s Eve, Richard Stroobant, CJAY-FM, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (403) 240-5837
7. Dead Rockers Weekend, Jim Hausfeld, Jacor Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, (937) 224-1137
8. Music for All People, Frank Bucci, WRSN/WDCG, Raleigh, North Carolina, (919) 878-1500
9. KMOX/There’s No Telling..., Lonnie Perkins, Perkins & Co., Louisville, Kentucky, (502) 245-8005
10. Operation Titanic Dive, Kenny Hobbs, KKRZ/KEWS/KEX, Portland, Oregon, (503) 295-9259
11. VW Beetle, John Nixon, KLSY/KIXI, Bellevue, Washington, (425) 454-1540
12. Saturday Night Fever, Terry Purcell, C100/CJCH, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, (902) 453-2524
13. Rock 94 Web Site, Daryl Bolton, CJSD-FM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, (807) 346-2580
14. Sweeper Montage, Mark Fraser, C100/CJCH, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, (902) 453-2524
15. Sweeper Montage/multi-station, Dave Hanson, Radioactive, Dallas, Texas, (214) 526-7200
16. Sweeper Montage, Ed Bishop, WBBO, Manahawkin, New Jersey, (609) 597-6700
17. WIVK Sweeper Montage, Eric Bohlen, WIVK/WNOX, Knoxville, Tennessee, (423) 588-6511