Side A begins with a demo from this month’s interview subject, Todd Manley at WCKG in Chicago. Todd’s having too much fun! On to Cut 2…just when you think there’s no other way to sell a gentlemen’s club, along comes Matt Anthony with a spot for Bambi’s. And check out that car wash spot on Cut 3! Spanish speaking listeners were sure to get a kick out of Cut 5 for Flores Restaurant. Writer Dennis Coleman came up with three names for Mexican dishes he used in the spot. Translated they mean, in order of appearance, “rice and more rice,” “hot water with cheese,” and “grandmother with lettuce.” Cut 7 from Kurt Kaniewski was one of two winners he had in the recent Silver Mike Awards. The spot picked up Best of Show/Best Use of Music. And the rest of Side A is more of the same great show of commercial creativity!

Side B opens with the audio for this month’s Producer’s VU column, an excellent piece of production from Dan Culhane. Check out Dan’s production techniques in this month’s Producer’s VU, and check out the audio on The Cassette! Lots of great promo work on the rest of Side B. Tom Richards makes good use of Stevie Nicks in the studio on Cut 3. And we couldn’t resist helping Dave Hanson take a poke at Mr. Clinton, so Side B wraps with a well done piece called “The Clinton Song.”

Side A

1. Demo from Todd Manley, WCKG-FM, Chicago, Illinois
2. Bambi’s - Matt Anthony, WXVO, Knoxville, Tennessee
3. Rain Tunnel Car Wash - Jeff Wine, WCHA/WIKZ, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
4. Consumer Credit Counseling - Doug Ankerman, WHBC-AM/FM, Canton, Ohio
5. Flores Restaurant - Dennis Coleman, CBS Radio, Austin, Texas
6. Rick Armstrong Motors/Fetish - Chris Parkin, 92 More FM, Christchurch, New Zealand
7. Peacock Water/Mrs Brown - Kurt S. Kaniewski, WMRN-FM, Marion, Ohio
8. Dillon’s Runners - Ken Stone, WFMS-FM, Memphis, Tennessee
9. Worldwide Interlink - Craig Debolt, WESC-FM, Greenville, South Carolina
10. Sports Med Fitness - Dean Heid, WMAN/WYHT, Mansfield, Ohio
11. Wanda’s - Bill Grimmeisen, WLAN-FM, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
12. Pseudio’s Back To School Sale - Mark Fraser, C100/CJCH, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Side B

1. Producer’s VU audio: K102 New Year’s Eve Country Bash - Dan Culhane KEEY, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2. Pearl Jam Wishlist Weekend - Tom Robinson, WKLQ-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan
3. Happy Birthday B101 - Tom Richards WBEB, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4. WWYZ/Summer Fun - Randy Horvath, Vanilla Gorilla Productions, Sugar Land, Texas
5. WGLD/TV’s Greatest Commercial Hits - Johnny George WFMS/WGRL/WGLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
6. River Single’s Network - Randy McCarten, WRVE-FM, Albany, New York
7. Van Halen/Best Before Date - Craig Jackman, CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
8. WBAP/Jim Ryan - Lonnie Perkins, Perkins & Co., Louisville, Kentucky
9. VW Beetle Giveaway - John Nixon, KLSY/KIXI, Bellevue, Washington
10. Potent Radio Breaker - Rob Naughton, KSHE-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
11. Ollie North & Beasties - John Mangino, WUSQ/WFQX/WNTW, Winchester, Virginia
12. We Teach - Don Elliot, KFI/KOST, Los Angeles, California
13. Intuition - Richard Stroobant, CJAY/CKMX, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
14. CD Showcase - Page Miller, KKLH/KOSP, Springfield, Missouri
15. Q-Vette Giveaway - Greg Murray, WLVQ-FM, Columbus, Ohio
16. The Clinton Song - Dave Hanson, Radioactive, Dallas, Texas