MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC has added two CDs to their music library. MPM 49 High Energy Rock III features up tempo, hard driving rock. MPM 50 The History of Jazz utilizes some of New York's hottest jazz musicians on twelve original "big band" jazz pieces from the Ragtime, New Orleans, Swing, Be-Bop and Cool eras. Both CDs are free to current license subscribers. The new releases bring the MPM collection to fifty CDs. Call for more information, (212) 333-5766.

VALENTINO, INC. has reduced the price of their 44 CD, digitally recorded sound effects library. Over 3500 cuts. Call for more information, (914) 347-7878.


AKG ACOUSTICS announces the C12VR Tube Microphone. The new microphone is designed to continue and expand upon the tradition of the C12, the vintage mic manufactured by AKG between 1954 and 1963. The C12VR keeps the original 6072 vacuum tube at the heart of its circuitry to maintain the C12's characteristics. Call Joey Wolpert for more info, (510) 351-3500.

PANASONIC announces the SV-4100 DAT Recorder. The new model is based on the popular SV-3700 and features a three second RAM buffer for "instant start" capability. Other features include five autolocate or cue points, coaxial and optical digital I/O including AES/EBU, shuttle wheel, balanced XLR ins and outs and switchable 44.1 and 48kHz sampling frequencies. You also get several video synchronization formats. Call for more info, (201) 348-7182.

OTARI CORPORATION announces the release of Version 5.0 Software for the ProDisk Digital Audio Workstation. New features of the software upgrade include the ability to record directly into the "GUIDE" screen enabling users to record, edit, playback, and mix multiple channels of audio without ever changing the screen or active window. This speeds up things quite a bit. The sound library system has been completely redesigned with new database management functions, and ProDisk will now support Magneto-Optical drives. For more information, contact Otari at (415) 341-5900.

dbx introduces the 242 Parametric EQ. The single channel unit features three fully parametric bands and two shelving filters, one low and one high. The bandwidth can be set as narrow as .05 octaves and it can boost up to 16dB or cut by as much as 40dB. Just $299. Call dbx for more info at (510) 351-0555.

SYMETRIX INC. has unveiled the new 528E Voice Processor. The 528E simultaneously performs six separate functions: microphone pre-amplification, de-essing, compression/limiting, downward expansion, parametric EQ, and voice symmetry alignment. The EQ is three-band with bandwidth variable from .3 octave to four octaves, and boost/cut at 15dB. For more info contact Symetrix at (206) 787-3222.

DENON is doing their part to promote "Smart Radio" by providing 26 NPR member stations in 21 markets with their TU-380RDS tuner and the RE America RDS encoder. One of the features of Smart Radio is automatic retuning to network stations while traveling. Other features include call sign display and text transmission which can display music titles, artists and other information. Several studio, home, and car receivers are available. For more information contact Denon at (201) 575-7810.


Congrats to RAP member Rafe Sampson on his new gig as Creative Director for WLLI-FM, Joliet, IL! Rafe was at Super CFL in Chicago, which is now "The New WCFL," a contemporary Christian station! Good luck Rafe!

Congrats also to Larry Whitt/KRBE, Houston on his upcoming position with Bill Young Productions! Check the classified ad below!

There's a treat waiting for you on this month's Cassette! Mary Collins, last month's interview subject, was kind enough to forward a DAT with the winners of the recent Vermont Ad Club's Pegasus Awards, an event she co-chaired. We've put some of them on The Cassette for your enjoyment! Thanks, Mary!


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