RAP members are the first to get their hands on the new RADIO POTATO 1994-95 CD demo and catalog which is included with this issue. In addition to some new production products, Radio Potato is also offering complete production studios with 4-track digital production for $6,995. RAP members will also be first to be able to order the Potato's fine line of Superweight Spudwear -- "hip togs for the production person wanting to make a faux pas fashion statement!" See catalog for more info or call 1-800-GOT-NUPIS. By the way, the voice demo for this month's interview subject, Lonnie Perkins, just happens to be on the Radio Potato CD demo. Check it out!

O BOY PRODUCTIONS! announces the release of the newest CD for their Master Volume series. The CD has 60 cuts including six all acoustic country cuts with edits. Call for info and demo, (901) 754-5047. See ad on page 24 for more information.

NETWORK MUSIC introduces the TrackFinder CD-ROM Catalogue. The system lets you search for music using over 300 descriptive words and then play any of the themes on your computer's speakers. (You do have a computer with a sound card and speakers...DON'T YOU??!!) You can also search using other parameters, build and save lists of themes on a project-by-project basis, and print the results of searches. One CD-ROM disk contains both the software and 29-second samples of the entire Network Production Music Library. Call (800) 854-2075.


ORBAN announces that the DSE-7000 is now fully compatible with the ENCO DAD486x Digital Audio Delivery System. A network adaptor card is added to the DSE which makes the DSE appear as another DAD workstation. Spots on the DSE may be saved to the DAD file server. Version 4.5 Software for the DSE-7000 has also been announced. Key features include "networkability and enhanced graphics." Contact Orban for more information at (510) 351-3500.

ISLAND DIGITAL unveils TouchPro-16, a 16-track, disk-based digital workstation. It can record and play back on sixteen tracks simultaneously utilizing a digital automated mixer. Mixer settings can be saved. The rack-mount unit comes with a 1-gig drive and a touch sensitive screen. Just $8,995. For more info call (312) 286-6606.

DENON's new DN-650F CD player is an affordable rack-mount player featuring pitch control, large Cue and Play/Pause buttons, S/PDIF digital output, balanced XLR outs, search, single/continuous play, "instant start," and more for only $750. Call for info, (201) 882-7467.

AUDIOARTS introduces the MR-40 production AND on-air console. The console comes standard with 4 mono mic/line modules and 8 stereo modules which are removable for creating various configurations. You get 3-band EQ, effect sends, a cue circuit, and more. Nice console for multi-track production studio that needs to double as an easy-to-use on-air studio. Call for info, (315) 452-5000.

SOUNDCRAFT's Spirit Studio LC console can be configured as a 16, 24, or 32 channel console with prices at 3, 4, and 6 thousand respectively. The 8-bus design features balanced inputs, 3-band EQ, eight aux sends, 100mm faders, and lots more. Call (818) 909-4500 for details.

SONY DAT tape is now available in new lengths of 15, 34, 48, 64, 94, and 124 minutes. Contact your nearest dealer for more info.

DIC DIGITAL has a new line of Hi-8mm tapes designed for the DA-88. The new line is about 10% longer than standard Hi-8 tapes and provides a full 120 minutes of recording time. Contact your nearest dealer for info.

London-based HHB COMMUNICATIONS launches the DH-1 from CEDAR Audio. The rack-mount device removes broadband noise, such as tape hiss, in real time without using destructive filters and without the need for encoding/decoding. The DH-1 differentiates between hiss and the genuine signal, removing hiss and restoring the signal virtually instantaneously. For more information contact Fraser Jones at Independent Audio in Portland, ME (207) 773-2424, or HHB Communications in London at 081-960-2144.

SENNHEISER has some new headphones. The HD-25SP features a "sealed" ear design and replaceable parts. Phone (203) 434-9190 for more info.

The new YAMAHA ProMix 01 digital mixer features automation, moving faders, onboard EQ, stereo effects processors, and dynamics processing. There are sixteen balanced mic/line inputs and one stereo input along with XLR balanced and 1/4-inch and RCA unbalanced outs, plus the 48kHz S/PDIF digital out. Mixer settings can be saved to any of fifty user memory locations, and a backlit LCD screen provides extensive information. The price? Just $1,995! Call for info, (714) 522-9011.


CORRECTION: In last month's Test Drive on the Orban DSE-7000, we quoted a price for a basic system at $19,950 and said the roll-around stand was an option. The stand is not an option. It's included in the $19,950 price, but buyers can subtract $350 from the price tag if they don't want the stand.

Want to expand your digital horizons beyond the world of audio? FOCAL PRESS announces the publication of An Introduction To Digital Video by John Watkinson, an introductory text which concentrates on basics and essentials, with no existing knowledge of digital techniques being assumed. For more information call Andrea Linteris at Focal Press, (617) 928-2500, and tell her Radio And Production sent ya!


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