TOBY ARNOLD & ASSOCIATES (TA&A) announces the upcoming release of Comedy Craze, a single CD library created specifically for morning show producers of all formats. The CD consists of over twenty-four promo/contest beds and more. Contact Laurence Mangiameli at (800) 527-5335.

Please join us in welcoming a new advertiser to the RAP pages, MUSI-Q PRODUCTIONS. The company has just moved to new offices in southern Florida and is now offering a "buy 3 get 1 free" deal on their fairly new buy-out library covering musical styles from classical, contemporary, industrial and jazz, to latin, new age, rock and hip-hop. Long themes and "shorts only" CDs available with broadcast length cuts. Check the ad on page 7 and give them a call for more info (800) 749-2887.

PROMUSIC, INC. adds The Match Production Music Library to their growing collection, bringing the Promusic library up to 650 CDs strong. The Match Library, from London, adds 10 CDs per year and contains a variety of styles from the classics to the latest contemporary sounds. Most CDs in the Match collection provide broadcast length cuts. The Match collection will soon consist of 50 CDs. (305) 776-2070.


ORBAN introduces the Transmission Limiter 4000, described by Orban as "a protection limiter that's not a processor and not like conventional peak limiters; its action is so extraordinarily transparent that when driven into 15dB of limiting, even when its HF limiters are working, listeners can compare input to output and not hear the difference." For more info contact Phil Moore at AKG, (510) 351-3500.

EVENTIDE is set to release the new Ultra-Harmonizer DSP4000. Among the many features of the new Harmonizer is a graphics-based LCD display that aids in building algorithms by a method different than on the H3000 series. Some of the algorithms include up to ten seconds of delay time, reverbs and pitch shifting plus or minus three octaves! Call (201) 641-1200 for more information.

SONIC SOLUTIONS introduces the SonicStation II. This hard-disk based digital workstation comes in at $4,995 for the basic configuration and offers two channels of digital I/O. The new Sonic Quattro offers four channels of digital I/O. Both MacIntosh based systems can be expanded into multi-track systems. The SonicNet fiber optic network permits up to one-hundred channels of digital audio to be transmitted simultaneously on a network configured with the SonicNet and digital workstations like the SonicStation II. Contact Carmen David at (415) 485-4800 for more information.

RADIO SYSTEMS INC. has obtained the rights to manufacture and market the popular TI-101 telephone interface formerly manufactured by Symetrix. The new product will be called the Radio Systems TI-101 Telephone Interface. Contact Paul McClane at (609) 467-8000, ext. 110 for more info.

PHI TECHNOLOGIES is the exclusive distributor in the US for the NAGRA-D, a lightweight, four-channel digital tape recorder for location recording. Features include nearly two hours of uninterrupted recording, easy-access open-reel operation, and 24-bit high-resolution recording. (405) 521-9000.

3M announces their new 966 tape. Print through levels are reported at 2.5dB lower than any other tape. The operating level is +6dB, 3dB lower than 3M's popular 996 tape. The new 966 is bias compatible with other industry standard tape formulations

WHEATSTONE introduces the SP-4 Production/Air Console. The new console is offered in 2-track, 4-track, and 8-track configurations. An intercom module allows communication between other Wheatstone consoles in the station. The phone module is capable of handling multiple callers. (315) 455-7740 for more information.

ROLAND has a new keyboard designed for us radio types! The DJ-70 Sampling Workstation offers 16-bit sampling with memory expandable to four megabytes for a total of 45 seconds of full bandwidth mono recording. Other features include auto looping and the ability to assign samples to any of the 37 keys or nine pads. A large "scratch" wheel indicates a design more for the DJ than the production guru, but it still sounds like a nice production toy for just $3,495! (213) 685-5141.

ELECTRO-VOICE has a couple of new microphones. The MC100 and MC150 Cardioid Dynamic Microphones feature a "pop" filter, and on/off switches. Priced at $70 and $90 respectively. (616) 695-6831. •


GALAXY AIR PREPARATION SERVICE has a new owner and publisher -- Dallas based ABC-Satellite Music Network air personality Don Crabtree. Former publisher Terry Moss will continue to "command" the L.A. Air Force, best known for the "Cheap Radio Thrills" library. The company is currently developing low-cost radio software. Congrats and good luck, guys! Terry Moss: (702) 651-9119; Don Crabtree: (214) 340-0101.

Since our interview with Marice Tobias back in December of 1991, she continues to ride the cutting edge of the voice-over business as she further expands into the broadcast arena as a voice-over, on-air talent, and management consultant. Marice has been invited to speak at the National Christian Radio Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee on March 30. Her topic is "Relationship Radio." Ms. Tobias sees this as the most sweeping revolution in broadcasting in the past three decades. She sees the format and philosophy of radio shifting its relationship to its audiences away from the dated "militaristic mentality" to a more "humanistic" focus. Predicting this shift in voice-over nearly two years ago, Marice links the end of the materialistic 80s, the Gulf War and the galvanizing effect of a new nationalism in its aftermath. But most significant of all, she feels, will be the impact of the new "people first" administration in Washington. Marice explains, "We have a media-savvy president who will be using the airwaves to keep the bond he formed with his constituents during the campaign. So, too, the media itself must do the same. Radio, in particular, must form a relationship with its listener appropriate to the way the listener holds radio - as a companion, a trusted and loyal friend who is there, everyday, echoing their feelings as well as their need for fun." For many, radio is the reason they can feel they are not alone. Evidence the resurgence of talk radio and, for that matter, talk TV. Based on the shift, Ms. Tobias predicts everything will change, from programming to production. Good food for thought! Marice has expanded her voice-over workshops and now offers an On Site Broadcast Seminar, the first of which was done for the entire air staff plus members of management at Chicago's WPNT-FM, The Point. Credited for developing the "new read" in voice-over, her advice to talent is to "get out of their throat and into their heart. That's where your audience is hanging out these days." For more information contact Beth Wernick at (800) 995-2096. Also, check out the ad on page 17 for upcoming dates for Marice's voice-over clinics.

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