LettersI really enjoyed reading Craig Rogers' discoveries in using his H3000 [June '92 RAP, Tips & Techniques]. I really got a chuckle when he mentioned his boss's Casio SK-1. We have an H3000 in our studio as well, and, believe it or not, an SK-1. This simply proves the old saying that necessity is the mother of invention.

Craig is correct in saying that the S/N ratio is not very good, but you can filter out a good portion of the noise, and, using the H3000 as a "voice module," create some great stuff with that octave and a half keyboard.

On another note, please go back to the non-glossy stock you used to print the magazine on. It had a lot more class, and it just seemed to read easier.

David Scott Howe
Air Force Advertising, RAFB, Texas

Congratulations on your change to a slicker paper. It takes some getting used to, and I'm not sure I prefer it (the old gray stock felt so much more "solid") but it probably is a step forward in the publishing world. As long as the great written content is there every month, you can print it on paper towels, and I'll still subscribe.

Rick Robinson, Production Director
WEGR-FM, Memphis, TN

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