We open up side A with some Power 99 production from this month's interviewee, Creative Director Keith Eubanks. On cut 2, WYNU raids a tanning salon and catches a young lady by surprise -- keeping all things equal, their female jock will raid a men's locker room next! We get a couple of "ballsy" promos on cuts 3 and 4. Cut 8 is a creative image promo for KRBE's switch from Power 104 to "104 KRBE - Hits Without the Hype." Cut 9 features Rich Van Slyke's musical talents on the bed and vocals. Cut 11 capitalizes on a well known Miller Lite spot. Cut 12 is from Dennis Daniel's intern, Todd Wilkinson, as written about in the July Tales of the Tape column.

Side B opens with a presentation on WAFX's "Lost Classics" feature (see this month's Tips & Techniques column). Cut 4 offers a new way to advertise your local symphony orchestra. We get a couple of great bits at cuts 9 and 11. Cut 11 was inspired by a CNN report about an American computer dating service that began offering matches with Soviet women. Dan Popp offers a unique announcement about his station's traffic reporter on cut 10. The last two cuts on side B are a couple of "Ad Motivators." (The FM version, cut 12, is 2-track production featuring original music from Al's Alesis and Roland gear.) Produce one of these for your GM or Sales Manager and see if you don't get some brownie points!

Side A

Cut 1 - Production montage from Keith Eubanks/Power 99, Atlanta, GA
Cut 2 - "92FM Party Raid" from Tim Forrest/WYNU-FM, Jackson, TN
Cut 3 - "Show Us Your Balls" from Lance DeBock/WJRZ-FM, Monmouth-Ocean, NJ
Cut 4 - "Paul Harvey" from Lance DeBock/WJRZ-FM, Monmouth-Ocean, NJ
Cut 5 - "Hose Hussein/Steve McCoy" from Jack Cone/Star 94, Atlanta, GA
Cut 6 - "Phrase That Pays" from Dave Dhillon/Q106, San Diego, CA
Cut 7 - "Year Off With Pay" from Chris Rager/KMXA-FM, Flagstaff, AZ
Cut 8 - "Hype Garage Sale" from Larry Whitt/KRBE-FM, Houston, TX
Cut 9 - "Dave Kane Anniversary" from Rich Van Slyke/WCMF-FM, Rochester, NY
Cut 10 - "Rock 92 Listens" from Pete Bunch/WKRR-FM, Greensboro, NC
Cut 11 - "No Repeat Thursday" from Ray Sherman/97X, Davenport, IA
Cut 12 - "WDRE After Dark" from Todd Wilkinson/WDRE-FM, Long Island, NY
Cut 13 - "Matchgame 2 Winner" from Mike Mason/WKML-FM, Fayetteville, NC

Side B

Cut 1 - "Lost Classics" montage from Greg Williams/WAFX-FM, Virginia Beach, VA
Cut 2 - "Vinyl Solution" from John Pellegrini/WKLQ-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 3 - "Popolo's" from Rob Frazier/KBOS-FM/KKAM-AM, Fresno, CA
Cut 4 - "Des Moines Symphony" from Stephen R. Smith/Q102, Des Moines, IA
Cut 5 - "Casa U Bethcha" from Rich Romero/KUBE-FM, Seattle, WA
Cut 6 - "Video City" from Michael Day/KAFF-AM/FM, Flagstaff, AZ
Cut 7 - "Great Impasta" from Randy Fedor & Hal Stein, WPST-FM, Princeton, NJ
Cut 8 - "Bayou Mama's" from Larry Whitt, Donnie Marion, & Joel Davis/KRBE-FM, Houston, TX
Cut 9 - "Looking for the Mayor" bit from Chuck Collins/WKDD-FM, Akron, OH
Cut 10 - "Ian Andrews Birth Announcement" from Dan Popp/Colors Audio/WHLO, Akron, OH
Cut 11 - "Kremlin Matchmaker" bit from John Pellegrini/WKLQ-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 12 - "98Q-FM Ad Motivator" from Al Peterson/WLAD-AM/98Q-FM, Danbury, CT
Cut 13 - "WLAD-AM Ad Motivator" from Al Peterson/WLAD-AM/98Q-FM, Danbury, CT