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HARRIS ALLIED announces the availability of two high quality microphones. The Russian manufactured Oktava MK219 is a large gold-sputtered diaphragm cardioid condenser mic. Specs include frequency response at 40Hz to 16kHz, a 10dB switchable pad, and a 50Hz high-pass filter. The MK012 is a multi-capsule, variable pattern condenser mic. Three screw-on capsules offer cardioid, hyper cardioid, and omni directional patterns. Frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz. A 10dB pad is also available. For more info, contact Deb Chagares at 800/622-0022. (MK219 on cover.)

ORBAN announces that their new Version 5.11 software for the DSE-7000 workstation has been shipped to all DSE owners. The new software supports hardware based MPEG sound file export to systems such as the Enco DAD486x and BE AudioVAULT. You also get new locate functions. Set, name, display, and recall up to 24 locate points or use the GOTO function to go to any time location. The upgrade is free. If you don't have your upgrade yet, call John Soliz at Orban at 510/351-3500.

MACKIE introduces the new SR-24-4 console. The 24 x 4 mixer features 20 mic/line inputs and two stereo line ins, six sends, EQ, mutes, and the ability to send signals to eight tracks at once using double bussing. 206/488-6843.

AUDIO TOYS, INC. (ATI) packs a lot of processing power in the Pro 6. You get a mic preamp, high and low pass filters, 4-band parametric EQ, a compressor, gate, and ducker. List is $2,399. 410/381-7879.

E-MU SYSTEMS unveils Darwin, their 8-track hard disk recorder. The rack-mount unit lists for $3,795 with a 1 gigabyte internal drive. Sampling rates are 44.1 and 48kHz. A 240 x 64 graphic LCD display assists with cut, copy, past, move, and other editing functions. There are eight analog outs, four analog ins (expandable to eight), and stereo digital S/PDIF I/O. 408/438-1921.

TASCAM has a new cassette deck. The 302 is a rack-mount dual-deck system. Each deck has its own set of connectors, transport buttons, meters and more. Both decks can play and record simultaneously. Lots of other features. $699. 213/726-0303.

FOSTEX introduces the DMT-8, an 8-track disk-based digital recorder with a built-in mixer for $2,795. The unit is designed much like the popular all-in-one multitrack cassette workstations. A 540MB internal drive records 100 track minutes at 44.1kHz. Features include nondestructive cut/copy/paste editing, simultaneous recording of up to four tracks, 2-band EQ on all eight channels, two sends and two stereo returns, S/PDIF output for mastering and backup, instant playback using a RAM buffer, and more. 310/921-1112.


BROADCAST RESULTS GROUP, a division of Premiere Radio Networks, announces the latest format-specific edition of the BRg Production Library. Extreme Cuts is aimed at Modern Rock, AOR, and AAA formats and is market exclusive. The first four CDs of the library feature music originally commissioned for ESPN's "Extreme Games" program. BRg plans to release one additional CD per month to subscribers. In addition, subscribers will receive two discs per year featuring sweepers, sounds, and FX. BRg plans to release a Contemporary Country library in the first quarter of '96. For details, call 800/280-1994.

RIVER CITY SOUND PRODUCTIONS has released Volume 7, Sports of their Specialty Series buy-out production library. The new CD features twelve full-length themes and broadcast edits. $59 plus shipping. 800/755-8729.

THE MUSIC BAKERY adds another CD to their library. Four categories of music are included. 615/370-4256.

PROMUSIC adds new music to their collection. The Connect Music Library is a 4-CD set of "themes, stings and idents." The Russian Compact Disc Library, produced in Russia, offers ancient religious music, various soloists performing Russian songs, opera arias, and classical and folk-like compositions. And, there are five new Digiffects SFX CDs. 800/322-7879.


ONE ON ONE SPORTS RADIO NETWORK is constructing a state-of-the-art 40-channel digital teleport using the Virtex StarGuide II transmission system. This system uses MUSICAM and will enable One-On-One to provide its affiliates with enhanced communication capabilities and serve as a Midwest uplink facility for potential clients. Advantages to affiliates include improved audio quality, the ability to send multiple audio channels at the same time, and the ability to send written text such as liners, commercials, promos, and network correspondence. 708/509-1661.

OTARI announces the opening of a new Southeast Sales Office in Cummins Station in Nashville. New numbers are 615/255-6080, fax 615/255-9070.

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