Welcome to the 21st Cassette since we started it in February of '89! We begin side A with a collection of work from Tom Versen, Production Director at Digital Planet and this month's interviewee. Tom also includes a couple of cuts from his days at Magic 102 in San Diego. Glenn Miller submits cut 4 which may well be one of the last promos cut for Stevie Ray Vaughn. There's a lot of variety on side A including a promo from Wally Wawro at subscribing television station WFAA-TV Channel 8 in Dallas, and a poke at Saddam Hussein from WAFX-FM in Norfolk (cut 8).

Side B continues in the vein of variety with a sales demo produced by Bill Towery of WCKG-FM in Chicago. Nice job, Bill! Also, look for a spoof political spot from Rick Hull (cut 6); a Nutri-System spot (for those of you who deal with these guys) that aired only once before it got yanked, submitted by Greg Williams at WAFX in Norfolk; and another salute to our soldiers in the Middle East from Chuck Collins of WKDD-FM/WSLR-AM in Akron, Ohio.

We also received tapes from several of our small market subscribers, and you'll find their work scattered on both sides of this month's Cassette.


Cut 1 - Montage of work from Tom Versen/DIGITAL PLANET, Los Angeles, CA
Cut 2 - "Static Stickers" from Mark Coulter/KAZY-FM, Denver, CO
Cut 3 - "Last Decade of 20th Century" from Rusty Ford/KKBQ-FM, Houston, TX
Cut 4 - "Stevie & Joe" from Glenn Miller/WKDF-FM, Nashville, TN
Cut 5 - "V103 Central Standard Time" from John Keith/WVAZ-FM, Chicago, IL
Cut 6 - "Ed Remembers" from Mark Windsor/WFOX-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 7 - "Women of the '90's" TV news promo from Wally Wawro/WFAA-TV Channel 8, Dallas, TX
Cut 8 - "Iraq ID & Promo" (with intro) from Mark Mitchell/WAFX-FM, Norfolk, VA
Cut 9 - "Heat T-Shirts" from Greg Scott Fisher/WZZB-FM, Seymour, IN (SMN affiliate)
Cut 10 - "$103,000" from Larry Bear/WNNJ-FM, Newton, NJ
Cut 11 - "Drug Abuse/WITZ Cares" from Gene Kuntz/WITZ-AM/FM, Jasper, IN


Cut 1 - Sales Demo from Bill Towery/WCKG-FM, Chicago, IL
Cuts 2 & 3 - "Fast Stop Esso" spots from Gord Dolny/CJAY-FM, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Cut 4 - "Nutri-System" from Greg Williams/WAFX-FM, Norfolk, VA
Cut 5 - "Magic Auto Glass & Trim" from Jay Harris & Mike Mankiewicz/WQTL-FM, Ottawa, OH
Cut 6 - "Harley 'D'" spoof from Rick Hull/RICK HULL VOICE TRAX, Tulsa, OK
Cut 7 - "All Star Waterbeds" from Steve Crabtree & Dave McNeely/WRVC-FM, Huntington, WV
Cut 8 - "Sandi Patti LP spot" from Dan Popp/COLORS AUDIO, Akron, OH
Cut 9 - "AMT Communications" from Rudy Fernandez/KEAN-AM/FM, Abilene, TX
Cut 10 - "God Bless the USA w/Greetings from Northern Ohio" from Chuck Collins/WKDD/WSLR, Akron, OH

On the Soundstage

Sentry Box
Joel Poirier, Kaden Hawkins, Will Halliwell


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