Side A begins with work from this month's interviewee, M.J. Kelli of Pirate Radio. Immediately following (cuts 2 & 3) are two promos that received awards at this year's International Radio Festival in New York. The first one, from Peter Drew of WTIC-AM, won a gold medal. The second one, from Jim Cutler of Jim Cutler Creative Audio, picked up a bronze medal. On side B, we devote cuts 1 through 8 to some very creative club spots.


Cut 1 - Montage of work from M.J. Kelli/Pirate Radio, Los Angeles. M.J. sends this note with his tape: All cuts were fully produced at Pirate Radio from dry voice overs by: Mitch Craig, Mark Driscoll, Scott Shannon, Vic Caroli, and M.J. Kelli. Production packages used: Chainsaw One by Techsonics and Techsonics 2, with a few odd natural SFX from Hollywood Edge, Sound Ideas, Star Trek, and Mr. Tone Generator. If anyone wants to know how a certain effect was done or just wanna BS, my direct line at Pirate is 213-856-4685. Any questions about Chainsaw or Techsonics can be answered by me or Steve Peppos at Techsonics headquarters in Virginia -- 804-547-4000.

Cut 2 - "The Great Connecticut Duck Race" from Peter Drew/WTIC-AM, Hartford, CT. NOTE: This is one of six promos for the "Duck Race" Peter sent us several months ago. We are not sure this is THE promo that won the gold medal mentioned above, and we were unable to contact Peter in time to determine which of the six was the winning promo. So, we took a guess. If it turns out this was not the promo, we'll include the correct one on next month's Cassette after we've talked with Peter.

Cut 3 - "Whitley/Russians" from Jim Cutler, produced for WHDH in Boston. This is the bronze medal winner mentioned above.
Cut 4 - "Brainwaves" from Jim Little/KFON-AM, Austin, TX
Cut 5 - "Fax Tracks" from Mike Binis/KIWI-FM, Hamilton, New Zealand -- produced by Mike while at 2XS-FM in New Zealand.
Cut 6 - "Howard Stern Returns" from Ronn Lipkin/WYSP-FM, Philadelphia, PA
Cut 7 - "Sticker Patrol" from Bob Lawson/WVIC-FM, Lansing, MI
Cut 8 - "Shut Up & Vogue Weekend" from Larry Williams/X100, San Francisco, CA (voiced by Brian James)
Cut 9 - "Cleveland Wheeler" from Brian James/The Power Pig, Tampa, FL
Cut 10 - "Mother's Day" from Mark Rider/WAYJ-FM, Ft. Myers, FL
Cut 11 - "Most Music, Most Winners" from Larry Bear, WNNJ-FM, Newton, NJ (2-track production!)
Cut 12 - "Music Spectrum" from Jeff Berlin/WXKS-FM, Boston, MA


Cut 1 - "Teddy's Lounge" from John Toney & Steve Cassidy/KXKL-FM, Denver, CO.
Cut 2 - "R'N'R Nightclub" from Joe Dawson/WNCI-FM, Columbus, OH
Cut 3 - "Bayou Mama" from Larry Whitt (VO by Mark Waldi)/Power 104, Houston, TX
Cut 4 - "G. Willikers" from Rich Van Slyke/WKSE-FM, Buffalo, NY
Cut 5 - "Sneakers" from David Cummings/KISS-FM, San Antonio, TX
Cut 6 - "Splash Club" from Jim Parker/WDJX-FM, Louisville, KY
Cut 7 - Removed
Cut 8 - "Nikki's Double Time" from Chuck Collins/WKDD/WSLR, Akron, OH
Cut 9 - "Old Dixie Pickers" from Terry Slane/WPBG/WIRK, West Palm Beach, FL
Cut 10 - "Lawn Boy" from David Witz/WXTU-FM, Philadelphia, PA
Cut 11 - "Hi Tech Only" from Kevin Casey/KGMG-FM, San Diego, CA
Cut 12 - "Tropical Delight" from Michael Kizer/WZBQ-FM, Tuscaloosa, AL
Cut 13 - "Cornerstone Cobbler" from Debbie Parmley & Steve Michaels/KLLL-FM, Lubbock, TX
Cut 14 - "Wade Office Machines" from Don Lawler/SOUND IDEAS, Memphis, TN
Cut 15 - "Services Unlimited" from Rochelle DeBoe/KKLI-FM, Colorado Springs, CO

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