AIRFORCE BROADCAST SERVICES announces the release this month of Powerplay, their new promo production library. The 2 CD set consists of 400 tracks of stagers, sweepers, laser effects, contest & production beds, loopable beds and various other work parts. See ad this page. (416) 961-2541.

PROMUSIC, INC. releases 8 new CD's of music. Each CD has from 14 to 53 tracks of music. CD titles include Pastoral, Industrial Landscapes, Urban Life, The Fashion Collection, and more. (800) 322-7879.

NETWORK MUSIC announces the availability of the Second Edition of the Production Music Library Catalogue. The catalogue is also available on computer floppy disc for IBM and Macintosh computers. (800) 854-2075.

A/C programmers might be interested in THE MUSIC DIRECTOR's new bi-weekly service called the A/C Current Express. Beginning this month, subscribers to the service can receive over 20 new A/C singles a month on R-DAT as they break into the A/C charts. (413) 783-4626.


YAMAHA recently announced their MV1602 Audio Mixer. Listing at $1195, this 16 input rack mount mic/line mixer offers EQ on each channel plus four auxiliary sends and returns. Worth a look for special applications where a full blown mixer isn't necessary. (714) 522-9312.

LEXICON has entered into an agreement with Phoenix Leasing to provide leasing programs for their broadcast pro-ducts. The program includes the 480L Digital Effects System and the 2400 Time Compressor/ Expander. (617) 891-6790.

BSS introduces their DPR-504 four channel noise gate for the serious noise gate user. Features include variable key filter frequency and filter width, while the key source can be internal or external. There's a combined hold/ release function that's also variable. Again, this unit is reserved for the serious noise gate user who wants a noise gate that does it all. (516) 249-3660.


MEDIA ONE PRODUCTIONS has released Basic Multi-track Recording Tips with Rick Shaw, the first in a series of instructional video tapes designed to cover many current tips and techniques used in today's recording studios. While the tapes are targeted to the "home recording musician," there are many basics included that will apply to broadcast production. $29.95. (404) 977-0988.

PETE BUNCH leaves WHTQ in Orlando to take the Production Director's position at Rock-92/WKRR in Greensboro, NC.

RICHIE ALLEN leaves the Vice-President's position at Century 21 Programming to become FirstCom's new General Manager. Congrats Richie!

SUPERSPOTS announces the arrival of two new Executive Producers: Jan Jeffries, former PD at WLS-FM, Chicago and B104, Baltimore; and Jeff LaRocca, former Creative Director and Account Rep at KWTO-FM, Springfield, MO and KRGI, Grand Island, NE. Congrats to both as they join Joe Kelly and crew in Chicago!

This issue of RADIO AND PRODUCTION marks our 12th issue and the end of our first year! We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us this past year and we look forward to many years like this one and hundreds of issues and Cassettes to come! Thanks again! If you have any news you'd like see in ink, drop us a line. Regular mailers of press releases need to add us to your mailing list if we aren't on it already. Send all correspondence to the address on the back page.

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