Side A begins with excerpts from Sandy Thomas's demo tape which features several format presentations, and we've added a few samples of Sandy's commercial voice-over work. Cut 2 is from Lori McTighe (WRAL-FM, Raleigh) who offers a great way to deal with unenthusiastic winners. Cuts 3-5 come from Hartford's powerhouses, WTIC-AM and WTIC-FM. On the B side, we repeat Dan Popp's "Dewey's Candies" spot. Several Cassettes may have gone out last month that cut off the first half of the spot, and the whole spot is worth hearing. The jingle was written and produced by Dan with vocals from Dan and a couple of guys on staff at WHLO. Cut 12 on the B side comes from WIZN. The staff created the "Unheard of Woodstock Weekend," which featured "never before heard stage announcements." Production Director Joel Bolton enjoyed 36 straight hours in the studio putting the weekend together. We've given you two of the many stage announcements to give you an idea of the insanity involved here. Finally, we wrap up The Cassette with the Test Drive of the SPX-1000.


1) Composite from Sandy Thomas/WXDJ-FM, Miami, FL
2) "Destiny" from Lori McTighe/WRAL-FM, Raleigh, NC
3-4) "Duck Race" promos from Peter Drew/WTIC-AM, Hartford, CT
5) "Party Zone" from Dan Masucci/WTIC-FM, Hartford, CT
6) "Monster Bash" from Ken Martin/WAVA, Washington, DC
7) "Tennessee Lottery" from Bumper Morgan/Y107, Nashville, TN
8) "Pink Floyd" from Glenn Miller/WKDF, Nashville, TN
9) "Rolling Stones" from Joel Bolton & Jim Wright/WIZN-FM, Burlington, VT
10) "Citibank Spoof" from Kevin Casey & Tom Versen/Magic 102.1, San Diego, CA
11) "Shop Til You Drop" from Joel Cash/Y96-FM, New Orleans, LA
12) "Rock of 70's, 80's, 90's" from John Reilly/98-Rock, Baltimore, MD
13) "Anderson & Friends" from Walt Marsicano/95-YNF, Tampa, FL


1) "The Call" from Glenn Miller/WKDF, Nashville, TN
2) "Bushnell on the Park" from Dan Masucci/WTIC-FM, Hartford, CT
3) "Sunshock" from Walt Marsicano/95-YNF, Tampa, FL
4) "Time Out For Burgers" from Gary Owen/Magic 104, Oklahoma City, OK
5) "Sushi" from Kevin Casey & Tom Versen/Magic 102.1, San Diego, CA
6) "Lavender & Lace" from Joel Cash/Y96, New Orleans, LA
7) "Faces" from Jeff Berlin/Kiss-108, Boston, MA (Eventide H969 used as sampler)
8) "Potbelly Deli" from Shawn DeAngelo & Craig Sanburn/KKIQ-FM, Livermore, CA
9) "Dewey's Candies" from Dan Popp/WHLO, Akron, OH (repeated from last month)
10) "Art Stone Dance & Body Wear" from Dave Simmons/KMGC-FM, Dallas, TX
11) "Click Camera" from Sandy Collins/Star 107, Dayton, OH
12) "Unheard Of Woodstock" from Jim Wright, Joel Bolton, Tom Van Sant/WIZN-FM,
13) TEST DRIVE - Yamaha's SPX-1000 Multi-Effects Processor.

Thanks for the "YES" votes for this month's Cassette! Fill out that production order now: "Due November 25th - Dub 1 spot and 1 promo on reel and mail to R.A.P.!" By the way, a few tapes have come to us marked, "Copyright 1989" and so forth. This, of course, applies to all work on The Cassette. Ideas are one thing, but voices, scripts, and produced pieces are another. Be thoughtful about how you use this material.

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