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How can you help your clients get better results? Use marketing leverage.

There are lots of stories about using leverage to your advantage. One of my favorites is from my friend, serial entrepreneur Fred Gratzon in his book, The Lazy Way to Success. You can read the story here:

Asking someone to make a major commitment up front – sign up for a year of yoga classes, move to a new real estate development, change health care providers – will not often yield the kind of results your client expects. It’s too big a slice for new customers to swallow.

But if you can get those potential customers to take a small step, experience some benefits, and get to know and trust the advertiser, they’ll likely be more be more comfortable taking a larger step later.

If your client isn’t already doing this, encourage them to offer something small, something free, a no-obligation something that will benefit their potential customer.

As yourself (and your client), “What’s the biggest problem your customers have?” If your client has a full or partial solution to that problem, and it’s easy for people to access, make that the offer. Then the advertiser will be reaching prospects most interested in their products or services.

The offer might be a free lesson, a free exam, or a low-cost service. The tree service team who comes to my home, trims a bush near the front door at no charge and gives me a free analysis of everything growing in my yard is much more likely to get my business than a company with which I have no relationship.

Make sure your client collects contact information and follows up with each prospect.

This technique will work well in person, or in any medium, but especially in radio where you can tell a compelling story that demonstrates that the advertiser understands the listener’s problem and is willing to provide a free or low-cost, low-commitment solution.

Help your client succeed. Make it easy for his customers to begin a relationship where he can build trust and a long-term relationship.

Use marketing leverage to move the needle for your client.

Wonder how best to apply this simple law of physics to your client? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I’ll be happy to help you for free.

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