London production company Noise Fusion has announced the release of a new cut-down version of its large ID_2 radio imaging effects library and production toolkit.

Called ID_2 Speed Shots, the new package has been optimised to provide quick-fire, fast paced effects and elements for CHR and Hot AC and is released at a price lower than anything Noise Fusion has put out before.

Noise Fusion’s Creative Director, Ben Neidle, said: "ID_2 Speed Shots is aimed at producers and stations who want to get hold of our high-end, cutting edge FX and sounds without breaking the bank. With this package we've made our effects very affordable without compromising our sound one bit”.

Noise Fusion has announced that the package will launch at a special reduced price of £79/€93/$99 starting on Cyber Monday, November 28th and running all week.

A demo of the package is online at where it’s also available for purchase and immediate download.

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