We begin Side A with a demo from this month’s interviewee, John Pellegrini, Creative Director at WLS-AM, Chicago, Illinois. Now we can all hear what a warped mind can do in a production room! The next cut on Side A is the audio for this month’s Producer’s VU column from Jeff Berlin at Kiss 108 in Boston. Turn this one up! The rest of Side A is filled with nonstop, top-notch promos and wraps with a hard hitting sweeper montage from Jem Godfrey at Radio 1, London. Take a bow, all!

Side B opens with something different. We normally do not put promo montages on The Cassette. But we have less than five television stations subscribing to Radio And Production, and the audio being produced for WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas by Wally Wawro deserves a spotlight. The promos on the montage are some that ran during WFAA’s recent, successful Spring ratings period. Television never “sounded” so good! The rest of Side B is filled with commercials of a caliber not to be outdone by the promos on Side A. The “Small Market” production keeps getting better and better as the years go by and is beginning to blur the production lines between market sizes. We wrap this side up with a timely spoof from Randy Cox at KST-AM in Sacramento. There must have been quite a bit of fun stuff hitting the airwaves after the Tyson/Holyfield fiasco. This is one of the good ones!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from John Pellegrini/WLS-AM, Chicago, Illinois
Cut 2 - Producer’s VU Audio: Kiss Concert 2018 - Jeff Berlin/WXKS-FM, Boston, Massachusetts
Cut 3 - “Kentucky Kingdom Hellavator Weekend” - Cramer(pv)/WZPL-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 4 - “Tailgate Party” - Ed Brown(wpv)/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 5 - “Hotline” - Dusty Rhodes/2FM, Dublin, Ireland
Cut 6 - “Scott Wilder Show” - John Bowen(wp), Chris Ruleman(v)/KWRD-FM, Irving, Texas
Cut 7 - “Cars & Cash” - Sean Caldwell/Sean Caldwell Productions, Odessa, Florida for KHKS-FM, Dallas, Texas
Cut 8 - “Real Talkradio” - Randy Cox(wp), Mitch Craig(v)/KST-AM, Sacramento, California
Cut 9 - “Spam Jam Weekend” - Dan Culhane(p), JJ McKay(v)/K102, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cut 10 - Sweeper montage - Jem Godfrey(wpm)/Radio 1, London, England

Side B

Cut 1 - Promo montage - Wally Wawro/WFAA-TV, Channel 8, Dallas, Texas
Cut 2 - “The Roadhouse” - Randy Horvath/Vanilla Gorilla Productions, College Station, Texas
Cut 3 - “Indy Lube” - Cramer(pv)/WZPL-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 4 - “Deemer’s Florist” - Susan West(wpv)/WBLG-FM, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Cut 5 - “Len’s RV” - Hickey/Godfrey/Hogan(v), Ashton(w), Bolton(p)/CJSD-FM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Cut 6 - “Hot Press” - Dusty Rhodes/Digital Audio Productions, Dublin, Ireland
Cut 7 - “Intermind Corp” - Mike Scott(wv), Mike Goode(pv)/KEDG-FM, Las Vegas, Nevada
Cut 8 - “Unique Ceramics” - Patrick O’Regan/Corks 96 FM, Cork City, Ireland
Cut 9 - “Hawk Collision” - K.Schenk(wpv), M.Rusinko/C.Reyna(v)/WMAX-FM, Rochester, New York
Cut 10 - “Cosmic Clothes” - Andrew Frame(wp), Michelle Buczynski(v)/WJBX-FM, Ft. Myers, Florida
Cut 11 - “Stone Creek Furniture” - Jon Hogan/92.2XS, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Cut 12 - “Goldstar” - Dick Orkin/Dick Orkin’s Radio Ranch, Los Angeles, California
Cut 13 - “Dennison Chevrolet” - R.Holmes(w), S.Bush(p), J.Aldus(p)/CKZZ/CISL, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Cut 14 - “Blosser’s Camera & Video” - Carey Stice(wpv)/WFRN-AM/FM, Elkhart, Indiana
Cut 15 - “Biteman & Robin” spoof - R.Cox(wpv), T.Romano/P.Walsh(v)/KST-AM, Sacramento, California


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