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Stuck for an idea, a new angle, or a new approach to create a commercial that will help your client get results? Ask someone else how they would convince/influence an audience member to purchase from (or vote for, or donate to, or volunteer for, or visit) your client.

You’ll get better, less expected results if that someone is a “civilian” – a person who is not in media, marketing, sales or advertising. What you’re listening for is a more candid, surprising, even off the wall approach.

Try to find someone who has purchased from the advertiser. You’ll get a personal story, an experiential angle. But don’t hesitate to talk to someone who hasn’t purchased or maybe even has never even considered purchasing the product or service.

Ask them, “How would you sell me this? How would you convince me to buy this? Say whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be profound, professional or polished. It can be crazy.”

Then ask, “What would be the benefit for someone to own (buy, experience, etc.,) this? What would be the disadvantages of this product or service?”

Ask, “What would be the objections to taking action? If this were your business (organization, candidate, etc.), what would you say to counter the objection?”

On a whim I tried this brainstorming technique with a variety of folks and it yielded some pretty good results. It generated unexpected ideas, which, with some tweaking helped the commercial stand out in the mass of “usual” solutions.

It’s simple and it works, but I’ll bet only a small percentage of you reading this will do it, and that’s a shame. Your clients need an advantage and this can give it to them.


If you’re one of the few to take the time to try this, Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know how it worked for you. Have questions on its application? Just ask.

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