This month's Cassette begins with a terrific demo from this month's interview subject, Maureen Bulley. We fill out the rest of Side A with a great variety of creative commercials sure to spark some ideas. Holly Buchanan credits a spot on an earlier Cassette from Tom Woerner at WFOX for the inspiration for cut 8. We get a couple of nice sweeper montages on cuts 10 and 11. Cut 12 is a spoof spot from CHEZ-FM in Ottawa. Craig Jackman offers this explanation: As you may know, there was a referendum in the province of Quebec on October 30 asking if the residents of Quebec wanted to separate from Canada. The vote was 50.5% voting to stay in Canada. In his concession speech, the Premier of Quebec, Jacques Parizeau, said that his side lost "their country" because of " and the ethnic vote...." Earlier that night, as the results were coming in, Parizeau was seen in his office with a tall glass of "clear fluid." Naturally, this caused an uproar which resulted in Parizeau resigning. In this spoof, we have combined the two gaffs.

Side B opens with audio for our new column, Producer's VU. Read then listen, or listen then read. Cut two is the spot Jim Anderson discusses in his article in this issue, "The Golden Age of Radio Creative." Cuts 4, 5, and 6 are three of an eight spot series in a campaign created by Steve Wein. Steve writes: Eventually, by Episode 8, the central character, Marvin, actually gets to drive away from Hidy Honda in his new Honda, but it takes eight episodes of unexpected problems for him to overcome to reach that goal. Nice campaign! Side B wraps with a couple of spoofs. Great job, everyone! Thanks for your participation. 

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Maureen Bulley/The Radio Store, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cut 2 - "Million $ Hole" - Randy McCarten(wp), Bill Travis(v)/WIIL-FM, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Cut 3 - "Crushed Car Two" - Dennis McAtee(wpv), Lance Sayler(v)/KKOW-AM/FM, Pittsburg, Kansas
Cut 4 - "Beatles '95" - Timson(w), Giunta(v), Youngs/Jackman(p)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cut 5 - "Harley Davidson Halloween" - B.Schultz(p), C.Kampmeier(w), R.Reeves(v)/WYNY-FM, New York, NY
Cut 6 - "Bon Jovi Weekend" - Jack Cone/WSTR-FM, Atlanta, Georgia
Cut 7 - "Yugo Giveaway #1" - Jim Blommell/WGRR-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cut 8 - "Free Rent or Mortgage" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, Virginia
Cut 9 - "Birthday Celebration" - Kathy Morgan/KOSP-FM, Springfield, Missouri
Cut 10 - Sweeper Montage - Jon Taylor(p), J.J. McKay(v)/KBEQ-FM, Kansas City, Missouri
Cut 11 - Sweeper Montage - Sandy Thomas/Sandy Thomas Productions, Bellmore, New York
Cut 12 - "Jacques Parizeau" spoof - R.Timson(w), D.Youngs(pv), J.Rogers(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Side B

Cut 1 - "Tent City" (Producer's VU audio) - Kurt Schenk/WMAX-FM, Rochester, New York
Cut 2 - "Richard Steven's Hire" - Paul Brokensha/SAFM, Adelaide, Australia
Cut 3 - "Whiskey Saigon" - Jim McCourtie/CFNY-FM, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Cut 4 - "Hidy Honda #1" - S.Wein(wpv), D.Allen/P.Ellis(v)/WLQT/WDOL, Dayton, Ohio
Cut 5 - "Hidy Honda #2" - S.Wein(wpv), D.Allen/K.Lane(v)/WLQT/WDOL, Dayton, Ohio
Cut 6 - "Hidy Honda #3" - S.Wein(wpv), D.Allen/L.Gebhart(v)/WLQT/WDOL, Dayton, Ohio
Cut 7 - "DMC Towing" - Doug Grant(wpv)/WKLT-FM, Traverse City, Michigan
Cut 8 - "Paddock Club Apartments" - B.Cooney(pv), G.J. Walker(vw), J.Bogart(m)/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cut 9 - "Cactus Moon" - Jon Taylor(wpv)/KBEQ-FM, Kansas City, Missouri
Cut 10 - "Nature's Own" - Rob Kozel(w), Ranger Bob(wpv)/WMUS-FM, Muskegon, Michigan
Cut 11 - "Tony Romas" - S.Matthews(vp), W.Gerdts(v), S.Scarborough(w)/WKQQ-FM, Lexington, Kentucky
Cut 12 - "Victoria Sporting Club" - Patrick O'Regan/Corks 96FM, Cork City, Ireland
Cut 13 - "Higginbotham Jewelers" - Lon Larkin(wpv)/KMOQ-FM, Joplin, Missouri
Cut 14 - "Dinner For Six" - Bill Flowers/Urban Wild Productions, No. Bridgeton, Maine
Cut 15 - "All Metal, All Love Songs" spoof - Joe Roach(wpv)/WRMN/WJKL/WBIG, Elgin, Illinois
Cut 16 - "Why Not Lounge" - Rich Boerner/WTKS-FM, Orlando, Florida

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