ckronicfx-one► Announcing the release of ckronicfx, a brand new imaging library featuring 125 original effects including Glitches, Impacts, Whooshes, Sliders, Spinners and more. The package is affordably priced at just $29.95 and is available now on a buyout basis for instant download. Visit for more info and to audition the demo.

tweakelLogho white11-copyTinpot Productions recently launched a new website, “It’s our radio training portal custom built with the user in mind. In this case, ‘user in mind’ means hand built tutorials and clear, concise, modular HD training videos alongside interactive activities and resources. No anecdotal meanderings, no faffing around, no wasting your precious hours on this glorious planet – and all the emphasis on all the stuff that’s important, all the time. If you’re looking for the way-lowdown on industry standard audio software, try Pro Tools Ground Up. Or, those who fancy the mic could enroll in the 10 week Radio Presentation Course, created in collaboration with the Gaiety School of Acting.” Find out more at ►, an online marketplace for royalty-free music, announced that its production music library now has more than 30,000 tracks of royalty-free music. “We have the royalty-free music to meet almost any music buyer’s needs. And we are constantly adding new royalty-free music,” stated Chris Cardell, Co-Founder of “We are pleased with the participation of the hundreds of professional musicians who are part of who helped us to achieve this significant milestone. “With our community of hundreds of professional musicians, can also help you to find the right musician for any style and genre of music to affordably meet your custom music production needs,” added Co-founder Mike Bielenberg. MusicRevolution’s royalty-free production music library includes every genre and style of music, including: On Hold, Fun, New Age, Rock, Comedy, Corporate, Drama, Energetic, Orchestral/Classical, Christmas/Holiday, Acoustic Guitar, Hip Hop, Retail, Sentimental, Advertising, Electronica, Country, Jazz, Piano and Vocals.

GeoBroadcastSolutionsGeoBroadcast Solutions is the company behind ZoneCasting™, a unique technology that delivers the dual benefit of over-the-air, hyper-local advertising opportunities for businesses right down to targeted neighborhoods; and new revenue-generating opportunities that provide long-term sustainable value for radio stations and networks. GBS has been granted a patent for ZoneCasting that makes deployment a realistic proposition for the very near future. “ZoneCasting is the first true dynamic ad insertion opportunity for over-the-air radio on a geographical basis, using our now-patented wireless architecture,” said Bill Hieatt, Chief Technical Officer, GBS. “We now look forward to the FCC’s approval of the ZoneCasting technology, clearing the way for ZoneCasting deployments that will bring lost revenues from a fractured marketplace back to the terrestrial airwaves.” ZoneCasting’s targeted precision delivers unique commercial content simultaneously to many defined zones across a single broadcast market. Since filing, the GBS team has partnered with GatesAir for transmitters and IP transport solutions to support low-cost distribution methods; and hyper-directional antennas and combiners from Jampro. After receiving FCC Experimental Authorization grants, two successful field tests were conducted in 2010 (Salt Lake City) and 2011 (Sebring, Florida), followed by simulations and listening tests in 2012. Each of these important events offered significant value and insight into proper zone location, system design, coverage modeling and optimization for ZoneCasting deployments. GBS continues to evolve the ZoneCasting concept as the final FCC rulemaking phase moves toward completion. The company has filed two additional patent applications since 2010 that will allow for further refinement and optimization of the ZoneCasting architecture. ▲