RAP-CD-Logo1Welcome to the October 2001 RAP CD. We open this months audio collection with a very entertaining demo from our interview subject, the young and talented Chadd Pierce of WBYR in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The rest of this months RAP CD is filled with tribute songs we received after the tragic events at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Cut 4 from Bill Tynan was produced to air on WCBS at 8:48am Tuesday September 18th, when stations around the nation simultaneously played "America The Beautiful." The montage was put together using cuts from WCBS coverage. Cut 6 from Jim Barbee is a donut version of cut 5, which Jim says anyone can feel free to use by customizing with their own call letters, etc. A variety of formats are represented in these tributes, as well as a variety of producers emotions. Nice work everyone, and thanks for sharing it!{nmap}html5|475|230|files/archives/2001/oct/cd|||||||7|1|95%|160px|60%{/nmap}

1. Chadd Pierce Demo WBYR-FM, Fort Wayne, Indiana, pinkydomerlude[at]yahoo.com
2. A New York Tribute, Ross McIntyre, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada, mailgrm[at]home.com
3. Brooks and Dunn Song, Whitey Whitney, KBEQ-FM, Kansas City, Missouri, whitey[at]youngcountryq104.com
4. America World Trade Center Tribute, Bill Tynan, WCBS Newsradio 880, New York, wstynan[at]cbs.com
5. Attack on America, Jim Barbee, WMDH-FM, New Castle, Indiana, (765)-529-2600
6. Attack on America (donut), Jim Barbee, WMDH-FM, New Castle, Indiana, (765)-529-2600
7. Bring on the Rain Special Mix, Chris Potter, ABC Radio Networks, chris.m.potter[at]abc.com
8. 9/11/01, Scott Clow, Jackson Radio Works, Jackson, Michigan
9. Duck and Run, Craig Debolt, WTPT-FM, Greenville, SC, CDebolt[at]wroq-wtpt.com
10. Angels Son, Craig Debolt, WTPT-FM, Greenville, SC
11. Terrorist Montage WJRR, C.J. Goodearl, Clear Channel, Orlando, Florida, cjgoodearl[at]ccorlando.com
12. Bridge Over Troubled Water, Doug Moorhouse, CJEZ-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
13. Tears In Heaven, Doug Moorhouse, CJEZ-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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