letters-logo-oct95May I comment on the article "Non-Linear Editing Saves Clients Money" by Scott Bourne? [Tips & Techniques, August '95 RAP] A careful reading of the article has reassured me that everything was on the up-and-up with Scott's talent session. But at first, I thought he was advocating stealing from the voice talent.

I think your folks need to understand that we freelancers need to eat, too. It would be so easy to pay us for "one spot" and use the bits and pieces for many spots. This is theft, and I wish Scott had made that more clear. In our market, nobody charges a "session fee" for spot work--that's what caused my confusion. We charge by the spot.

If his guys knew they were making $16 a spot and agreed to that, that's their problem. If they thought they were just reading lines that would be culled into one spot, they were ripped off.

Dan Popp, President
Colors Audio, Akron, Ohio

What light! What inspiration comes yonder through my mailbox every month!!! It's Radio And Production! We here at WQLS-FM (the entire production and air staff...all of ME) would like to take this opportunity to say "thanks!"

Back in February of 1992 I was "lucky" (well, let's just say it happened without motivation) enough to be given a Production Director position after only two years in radio. As of June 6 of this year, I have been in radio five years. It has been a very fruitful couple of years. The management from the very beginning let me have TOTAL creative freedom, and I mean anything I wrote, produced, and voiced was IT!

Nifty, I thought.

Now, as I continue to grow and learn more about the "craft" of production, I need continuous input in order to keep learning and just "keep up" with what's going on in other markets, large and otherwise. R.A.P. is the lifeline and door I've needed to connect with others involved in taking production into new realms. The interviews are incredibly inspiring and The Cassette is dynamic. To hear what's going on in other production rooms around the country and the world is truly a blessing.

...My production facility consists of a Tascam 4-track (my trusty crusty friend), an old-as-Moses "turn-pot" 8-channel board dated from 1969 that has been struck by lightning TWICE!!! Outboard gear consists of a reverb unit that has selections that are uneditable and the unit itself is a rack mount reverb unit for a GUITAR! (I'm convinced that the people who built this production room were consistently drunk and thought they were being humorous).

The only piece of equipment that is digital is Audisk. For production, it's merely for storage only with very limited editing capabilities. (If anyone else is working with this system and knows some tricks or knows of updated software for it, PLEASE TALK WITH ME!!!!) I pretty much write, produce and voice EVERYTHING WQLS-FM has ever done.

I would like to be more involved with what's going on in R.A.P.'s "circle"...talk shop, learn new tricks and grow with the best of them. So if you run across someone or know of some people I could talk with and "apprentice with," just drop me a line or have them call me. I'm learning, loving, and living a young boy's dream of "RADIO," and I know it's just the beginning!

"Super Dave" Hunter, Production Dir.
WQLS-FM, Dothan, Alabama

Dear Dave,

Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear "all" of you are getting the most out of RAP. The RAP Network sounds exactly like what you're looking for, so consider yourself an official member.

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