We had a suggestion from one of our readers that sounded, not only like some fun, but something that would generate some results that would allow all of us to get a unique look at how different producers would tackle the same job.

The idea was to provide you with a voice track from Dave Foxx, and turn you loose on the production. How would you produce the promo? What effects would you use? How would you process his voice track? What other elements would you include? Just imagine the endless possibilities. What we hope to get in the end is a wide variety of interpretations of how producers would approach the promo.

So, without further ado, on this month’s CD, you’ll find the voice track from Dave Foxx for a promo which he has already produced. We won’t let you hear Dave’s version of the promo until we present all the submissions on next month’s CD. We have also posted the track on our website at www.rapmag.com. Just go to the Highlights page for the link.

There are no rules here, except that you produce the promo as though it were going to air. Have fun and email the finished promo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by August 23rd. We’ll feature the submissions on the September CD, and then we’ll let Dave write up an analysis of what he hears, and publish that in the following October issue. You’ll also be invited to send along your own comments on the results to be published in the October issue as well.

In addition, though not required, we’d ask that you provide a paragraph or two with your promo, describing your approach to the promo, and any thoughts you might have on the exercise in general.

Considering the wide variety of production styles featured on the RAP CD each month, this exercise should deliver some interesting insights into how we approach our work, and hopefully provide us all with some new ways to tackle that same old promo day after day.

Furthermore, Dave has noted many times that one of the difficult things about critically reviewing production is getting past the announce style of the VO before evaluating the other elements and their construction. Using the same VO puts everyone at the same starting point and allows us all to evaluate just the production.