RAP-CD-Logo1Welcome to the June 2002 RAP CD. We normally kick things off with a demo from our interview subject, but we goofed and won't get the Chris Ackerman demo to you until next month. It'll be worth the wait! We load up the CD with 30 cuts this month. The first 16 are promos from around the globe -- some great work people! Commercials fill out cuts 17-24, including cut 19 from Jim Barbee, which won an Addy Award from the Indiana Broadcasters Association. Cut 25 is a set of station jingles that were produced for Radio 538 in the Netherlands by the stations in-house producers Anthony Timmers and Jeroen van Inkel. They decided to do it themselves "because none of the jingle production companies could give us what we wanted." Nice work! Cut 26 comes from Chris Potter at ABC Radio Networks/Country Coast To Coast. Chris explains, "There's been a lot of rumbling in country radio about whether or not I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow is too country for airplay To make the pill a little easier, I thought Id give the song a little remix treatment. Now, its definitely not too country. Thanks to Garry D at KNIX for the inspiration." We finish up with a cool set of new song intros on cut 27 and three sweeper montages on cuts 28-30.

1. Ed Bain Yes Ed Bain, Steve Schippanoski, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada
2. Driving Art Bell, Brian Wilson, KLIF-AM, Dallas, Texas
3. Bang Your Head, Terry "Tunes" Miller, KSCB-FM, Liberal, Kansas
4. You Pick em, Daryl Bolton, CJSD-FM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
5. N Sync Bus to Phoenix, Carlos Montoya, KYLZ, Albuquerque, New Mexico
6. Q104 VIPs, Whitey Whitney, KBEQ-FM, Kansas City, Missouri
7. Mix Million $ Cash Guarantee, Joe McDonald, KAMX-FM, Austin, Texas
8. Gator Country Thanks, Bob Allen, Renda Broadcasting of Southwest Florida
9. Economic Stimulus, Tom Wilson, WODJ-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan
10. Ozzy Says, Scott Clements, The Wolf, Regina, SK, Canada
11. KNIX Connection/Valentines, Garry "D", KNIX-FM, Phoenix, Arizona
12. Bid For Bachelors, Arnie, WXLC, Kenosha, Wisconsin
13. Sum41 Promos, Mike Wilcox, Triple J FM, Sydney, Australia
14. Eurovision Weekend, Chris Wrapson, Beacon FM, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
15. Win Moo-Lah/Cash Cow, Brian Whitaker, KSTZ/KAZR, Des Moines, Iowa
16. Wheel of Contests, Dan Kirkness, Star 96, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
17. Burger King/Bad Dog, Daryl Bolton, CJSD-FM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
18. Slims Deep South Barbeque, Andrew Frame, Renda Broadcasting of SW Florida
19. Don & Joes, Jim Barbee, WMDH-FM, New Castle, Indiana
20. King and King, Andrew Safnauer, Radio One, Atlanta, Georgia
21. 80s to the Max, Bumper Morgan, Boch Broadcasting, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
22. Schaafsma, Tom Wilson, WODJ-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan
23. Bolen Books, Steve Schippanoski, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada
24. John Moore Home Services, David Perkins, KKHT, Houston, Texas
25. Radio 538 Jingles, Anthony Timmers, Radio 538, The Netherlands
26. Beat of Constant Sorrow - remix, Chris Potter, ABC Radio Networks/Country Coast to Coast
27. New Music Intros, Bjarke Ramussen, The Voice, Copenhagen, Denmark
28. WKZL Sweeper Montage, Jon Matthewz, Megahertz Studios, Greensboro, North Carolina
29. WEBN Sweeper Montage, Joel Moss, WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio
30. Sweeper Montage, Joe Cicero, WONC, Naperville, Illinois

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