Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

If a radio commercial is theatre, why do our listeners only hear from our clients what happens “on stage” – in front of the curtain? It’s time to invite the audience “backstage” to experience what creates the reasons behind the sales, events, discounts, promotions, free consultations, giveaways, bonuses and services.

Give the audience the privilege of eavesdropping behind the scenes. There’s a reason why “the making of…” episodes are so popular.

Some of the most productive questions we can ask our client are: What’s the worst, best, most unexpected thing that’s ever happened in your business? What do you wish every listener knew about you but doesn’t?

Because these are the things clients don’t share with their existing or potential customers. Sometimes sharing the most revealing answers can make the advertisers more “real” to your audience.

How do you do what you do? (Can be a powerful differentiator) What happened to get the business here? (Can be an emotional story) Was it a hobby that grew into a business? (Can demonstrate the passion the owners have for what they do) Was there a watershed moment in your life that led to starting the business? (Maybe they were angry, upset or disappointed that a service wasn’t being provided and they decided to provide it)

Did you make a mistake or an accidental discovery and invent a product, service or method of serving customers that was unique? Did you apply a technique gleaned from another business, like home delivery of food applied to the office supply business, or ER patient evaluation techniques to auto repair?

Pull back the curtain and let the audience in on what goes on behind the scenes. Do it with an announcer description, employee or owner interviews, or behind the scenes recordings of your client’s employees helping customers.

It’s a way to show the passion, commitment, dedication or reasons for your client’s success… all reasons for prospects to go there. It’s a connection unique to them that can help differentiate your client from the competition.

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