Radio-Hed-Logo-2By Jeffrey Hedquist

on’t just tell listeners about your advertiser’s product or service, engage their imaginations and show them. Radio’s a great medium for product or service demonstrations.

In Chuck Blore’s classic commercial for Zee paper towels, he used the repeating sound of paper towels being torn from a roll throughout the spot to make the point that Zee had more sheets than the competition. It worked better than just describing that feature.

Other idea starters: How can you adapt these for your clients?

New vehicles lose an average of 20% of their value the instant they are driven away from the dealership. When coupled to the average yearly depreciation, the first year’s loss is anywhere from 25% to 35%.

(Best done in stereo with sounds & voice moving side to side.)

Spokesperson: The car on my left (horn or engine rev) looks identical to the car on my right (horn or engine rev), except the one on the left sells for 35% less at Honest John’s Pre-Owned Cars. You see, someone else has absorbed the depreciation on this car so you don’t have to. Which car would you rather buy, the one on the right… or the one on the left at 35% off?

Meet the twins – Tracy and Stacy.

T&S: Hi.

Both have curly red hair. But as you can see, with today’s high humidity, Tracy’s having a bad hair day.

T: Hey!

While Stacy’s hair looks great, naturally gorgeous.

S: Thanks.

Stacy got her hair cut at MopHead.

S: Yup.

Tracy wishes she did.

T: Yeah, whatever…

Assume the listener is right there with you, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling, and experiencing it all.

SFX: waves, tropical music

Just look at that sunset. Feel the warm tropical breeze on your skin?

SFX: blizzard

Oh, still winter where you are?

SFX: waves, tropical music

Taste that fresh key lime pie? Smell the hibiscus blossoms?

SFX: blizzard, sneezing

Y’know, you’re only one click away from a vacation in the tropics. Visit

SFX: waves, tropical music

The islands are waiting for you

SFX: blizzard, Tires spinning on icy pavement

As soon as you get out of that snowdrift.

Compare the sounds of someone in pain (before experiencing the product or service) and the sounds of pleasure (after experiencing the product or service). Show changes in attitude, confidence, physical changes, relationship changes – there are lots of possibilities.

Stop telling… start showing.

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