This month's Cassette kicks off with a demo from interviewee, Willie Wells/WKLH/WLZR, Milwaukee, WI! Cut 2 features work from RAP columnist, Andy Capp, and his daughter "Shower" Capp (aka Chelsea)! We get a couple of sweeper montages on cuts 8 and 9. Cuts 10, 11, and 12 are Christmas greetings. Yes, it took us a while to get them on The Cassette. Nevertheless, they are exceptional--an excellent idea for the holidays ahead, and not just Christmas. These are just three of several greetings produced at the station. Everyone who cut a greeting assumed it would be a run-of-the-mill greeting, and everyone was delighted to hear the surprise outcome.

Side B is packed with a ton of clever commercials sure to help get those creative juices flowing. Thanks to everyone for your submissions to the monthly RAP Cassette. IF YOU HAVEN'T SUBMITTED A SAMPLE OF YOUR WORK IN SOME TIME (OR EVER), PLEASE TRY AND DO SO THIS MONTH! THE CASSETTE DOESN'T EXIST WITHOUT YOU!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Willie Wells/WKLH/WLZR, Milwaukee, WI
Cut 2 - "Ultimate Family Vacation" - Andy Capp(wp), Chelsea "Shower" Capp(v)/KELO, Sioux Falls, SD
Cut 3 - "$1000 Hour Congrats" - Fred Cunha/CJEZ-FM, Toronto, Ont., Canada
Cut 4 - "Tea Party" - Youngs/Jackman(p), Rogers(v), Timson(vw)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ont., Canada
Cut 5 - "KSHE Requestathon" - Ed Brown(wpv)/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 6 - "Hall of Fame Weekend" - Ron Harper(wpv), Harriet Coffey(v)/WWMG-FM, Charlotte, NC
Cut 7 - "UK Basketball" - David Taylor/WQXE-FM, Elizabethtown, KY
Cut 8 - Sweeper montage - Mike Carta(v), Mike McCarter(p)/M.A.C. Productions, Austin, TX
Cut 9 - Sweeper montage - Bill Elliott(p), Chris Corley(v)/WMMQ-FM, Lansing, MI
Cut 10 - "Xmas Greeting/Receptionist" - Michael R. Terry/WSOC-FM, Charlotte, NC
Cut 11 - "Xmas Greeting/Salesperson" - Michael R. Terry/WSOC-FM, Charlotte, NC
Cut 12 - "Xmas Greeting/GM" - Michael R. Terry/WSOC-FM, Charlotte, NC

Side B

Cut 1 - "Freakazoid" - Kurt Schenk(wpv), Mike Rusinko(v)/WMAX-FM, Rochester, NY
Cut 2 - "Heaven's Unofficial Greetings" - John Bowen/SALEM RADIO NETWORK, Dallas, TX
Cut 3 - "Tech Electric" - Jerry Tucker(wv), Michael Steele(pv)/KFIN-FM, Jonesboro, AR
Cut 4 - "Kentucky Kingdom" - Dave Steele(vp), Rocky Knight(v)/WQMF-FM, Louisville, KY
Cut 5 - "Apple Saddlery" - C.Jackman(p), J.Rogers(v), R.Timson(w)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ont., Canada
Cut 6 - "Noble House Jewelry" - Mike O'Brien(wpv)/KMXV-FM, Kansas City, MO
Cut 7 - "Rafael" - Mike Eaton(wpv)/KAIM-AM/FM, Honolulu, HI
Cut 8 - "Brother's Coffee" - Sandy Thomas(v)/SANDY THOMAS PRODUCTIONS, Bellmore, NY
Cut 9 - "Le Fluer Shop" - Jacobs/Cuddohy/WSNX/WMRR, Muskegon, MI
Cut 10 - "Victory Lady" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, VA
Cut 11 - "Chase Manhattan" - K.Morgan(w), M.Myers(v), P.Player(vp)/KOSP-FM, Springfield, MO
Cut 12 - "Underground" - Mark McKay(wp), sales staff/Rich Hunter(v)/KIIM/KCUB, Tucson, AZ
Cut 13 - "Hot Air Balloon Rides" - Steve Wein(wpv), Mary Fleenor(v)/WLQT-FM, Dayton, OH
Cut 14 - "Crystal Lake Radiator" - Paul Ciarrochi(wpv)/WAIT/WZSR, Chicago, IL
Cut 15 - "Delta Faucets" - Lon Larkin(pv), J.Tepe(v)/KMOQ-FM, Joplin, MO
Cut 16 - "Joe's Boots" - Bill Elliott(pv), John Gieck(v)/WMMQ-FM, Lansing, MI


January 01, 2004 8467
by Steve Cunningham The world of software DAWs has been significantly rocked in the past year or so... IQS and SAW are essentially gone, Apple bought Emagic and discontinued the PC version of Logic, Cool Edit Pro is now Adobe...