radio-hed-logo1By Jeffrey Hedquist

In a former life I had a big luxurious office, but often when I had a writing deadline, I’d leave and go to a tiny Laundromat in a nearby strip mall. For some reason, there away from all the activity going on at my office I could write, quickly, creatively. Then I’d return with my “masterpiece,” and maybe a little static cling.

In your place of business, phones ringing, emails coming in, papers stacking up, meetings, emergencies, and interruptions can fill your day and your mind with left brain activity, leaving you no energy or time to be able to write. Change venues.

Go to a movie, take a walk, run under the sprinkler, get an ice cream cone, play music, surprise someone with an unexpected gift, visit the library, rent an instructional video, ask someone to teach you conversation in a new language, dance to your own song, hug a stranger. Do whatever it takes to shift your perspective. Some small act may be all it takes to shift you into right brain mode and get that creativity flowing.

When you do this, intensely observe what and who you see around you. There are stories and conversations and unusual points of view everywhere. These can be the threads from which you weave that next radio commercial.

Let me know how you do. I’ll be over by the dryers.


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