This month, we play catch-up. Last month, the March Cassette contained the finalists of the RAP Awards. As a result, Rich Boerner's demo (March interview subject) was not on it. So, this month we kick off Side A with Rich's demo. Glance at the March interview to refresh your memory before listening! (This month's interview is with Scott Bourne of 30:60 Productions, and his demo is at the beginning of Side B.) The rest of Side A is filled with some unique promos, to say the least. And we wind up the side with a spoof spot inspired by the recent Nielsen television sweeps!

As mentioned, Side B opens with Scott Bourne's demo. Listen closely for the Captain Jack's jingle in the demo. There are only three vocalists singing, but each track was digitally duplicated eight times and slightly delayed for a total of 24 voices! Cuts 2 and 3 from Larry McFarland are two spots for "gentlemen's" clubs. Check the Letters To The Editor section in this issue for the story behind the spots. We fill up the rest of Side B with a variety of imaginative commercials. Great work, everyone! Let's support next month's Cassette with some of YOUR best work!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Rich Boerner - WTKS-FM, Orlando, FL
Cut 2 - "20 Song Music Marathon" - Ed Brown/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 3 - "Weather" - Lonnie Perkins/WIBC-AM, Indianapolis, IN
Cut 4 - "Paul Harvey Imitations" - Mark Erickson(wpv), Staff(v)/WMUS-AM/FM, Spring Lake, MI
Cut 5 - "You Pick The Hunk Weekend" - Bill Schultz/WYNY-FM, New York, NY
Cut 6 - "Spring Cleaning" - The "Real" Bob James/WMIL-FM, Milwaukee, WI
Cut 7 - "Work-day Kick-off" - Fred Cunha/CJEZ-FM, Toronto, Ont., Canada
Cut 8 - "St. Patrick's Day" - "Tuna" Jon Rose/WBYR-FM, Ft. Wayne, IN
Cut 9 - "Fanny Moo/Barq's Root Beer" - Scott Austin(wpv)/KUOO-FM, Spirit Lake, IA
Cut 10 - "Next Montel" spoof - Karl Gruber(vp), Greg Murray(v)/WHOK/WLOH, Lancaster, OH

Side B

Cut 1 - Demo from Scott Bourne - 30:60 Productions, Minneapolis, MN
Cut 2 - "Maxine's" - Larry McFarland/WHTT-FM, Buffalo, NY
Cut 3 - "Goldrush" - Larry McFarland/WHTT-FM, Buffalo, NY
Cut 4 - "Powhatan Ford" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, VA
Cut 5 - "The Metro" - Prigge(w), Campbell(pv), Rogers/Porter(v)/WHO/KLYF, Des Moines, IA
Cut 6 - "Hot Springs Spas" - Steve Wein(wpv)/WLQT-FM, Dayton, OH
Cut 7 - "Delta Faucets" - Lon Larkin(pv), K.Vanwinkle(v)/KMOQ-FM, Joplin, MO
Cut 8 - "Morton Quality Pools & Spas" - Paul Bahr/WWCT-FM, Peoria, IL
Cut 9 - "Lazer Blaze" - Dave Steele(wpv)/WQMF/WQNF, Louisville, KY