An authentic recreation of one of the most highly regarded production tools in history is now available for the first time from Solid State Logic, the manufacturer of the original SL 4000E console.
Faithfully modeled directly from the much-loved stereo analogue effects section found in the flagship Rhodes MK8 piano, the V-RACK delivers seven classic analogue effects — each with its own distinctive sonic character.
— First ever plug-in emulation of legendary rock and roll studio comes to music makers; Plug In Joins UAD C Suite C Max Limiter, and New UAD Bundles —
New mixing and mastering plugin delivers the transparency, precision, and detail of legendary analog studio hardware from the 1980s
The Updated Metro Software for StudioLive Series III Mixers Offers Wi-Fi Enabled, High-Quality Live Remote Mixing and Streamlined Experience
DADlink is a new proprietary audio and data format that establishes a zero-latency connection between DADlink-compatible units such as AX64, AX Center, Core 256, AX32, and more.


  • The Importance of Editing

    It’s incredibly important in this day and age to waste as little of peoples’ time as possible. If you are gonna waste peoples’ time, you better be...