The ballots are in, and the votes have been counted! Please join us in congratulating the winners, runners-up and finalists of the 10th Annual Radio And Production Awards!

Feature Productions All Markets

WINNER: Soundtrack of the Century Stephen Mills, KPAM, Vancouver, Washington. Producer - Stephen Mills; Copywriter - Stephen Mills.
1st Runner-up: Imagine-Remix for the New Millennium Scott Muller, GWR Group, Bristol, United Kingdom. Production Engineers Ian Dark, with Paul Andrew and Peter Butler; Additional Drums Ian Dark; Additional keyboards, bass and strings Peter Butler; Concept/Direction Scott Muller
2nd Runner-up: Launch of Digital One Multiplex & Digital CHR Station "Core" Scott Muller, GWR Group, Bristol, UK. Producers Chris Crickmay with Scott Muller, Paul Andrew, Ian Dark and Grant Buckerfield; Copywriters Chris Crickmay, Scott Muller; Voice Talent J and Mel C
Finalist: Moment In Time Steve Moore, KSJO, San Jose, California. Producer Steve Moore; Copywriter Steve Moore; Voice Talent John Wells
Finalist: Columbine High School Tribute Garry "D", KNIX, Phoenix, Arizona. Producer Garry "D"

Best Commercial - Small Markets

WINNER: Warm & Fuzzy Kurt S. Kaniewski, WMRN, Marion, Ohio. Producer Kurt S. Kaniewski; Copywriter Kurt S. Kaniewski; Voice Talent Paul Beickelman, Renee Cassereta, Kurt S. Kaniewski
1st Runner-up: Donut Connection/"Real Truths" Doug Ankerman, Canton, Ohio. Producer Doug Ankerman; Copywriter Doug Ankerman; Voice Talent Tom Jarrett and Friends
2nd Runner-up: MVP/Telemarketing 101 Bryan Young, Zimmer Radio, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Producer Bryan Young; Copywriter Bryan Young; Voice Talent Bryan Young
Finalist: The Red Star Jim DeCesare, WLCY-FM, Indiana, Pennsylvania. Producer - Jim DeCesare; Copywriter - Jim DeCesare; Voice Talent - Jim DeCesare
Finalist: Mothers Day Dan Landrum, Cumulus Broadcasting, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Producer - Dan Landrum; Copywriter - Dan Landrum; Voice Talent - Randy Brown, Trisha Costick, Alicia Sarver
Finalist: Quiznos Steve O, KLAW, Lawton, Oklahoma. Producer - Steve O; Copywriter - Steve O; Voice Talent - Steve O
Finalist: Kids Night Todd Zarnitz, WBHV, State College, Pennsylvania. Producer - Todd Zarnitz; Copywriter - Todd Zarnitz; Voice Talent - Todd Zarnitz & Client

Best Commercial - Medium Markets

WINNER (tie): Advertize Me/Jingle Monica Ballard, WMYI, Greenville, South Carolina. Producer Monica Ballard; Copywriter Monica Ballard; Voice Talent Alice Tillotsen, Joe Lawrence
WINNER (tie): Capstar Recruiting/"Sales Assistant" Joe Doran, AMFM Richmond, Richmond, Virginia. Producer Joe Doran; Copywriter Kevin Meek; Voice Talent Mike Levay
1st Runner-up: Tinks Entertainment Complex/"Smack Daddy" Joseph Iyoob, WBHT, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Producer Joseph Iyoob; Copywriter Joseph Iyoob; Voice Talent Joseph Iyoob, Dean Corwin
2nd Runner-up: Prestige Homes/"The Pres" - Eric Bohlen, WIVK-FM, Knoxville, Tennessee. Producer Eric Bohlen; Copywriters Angie Wilson, Eric Bohlen; Voice Talent Randy Reed, Chris Ritchie
Finalist: Barlow Shoes/"Cadence" - Terry Webb, SAFM, Adelaide, South Australia. Producers Terry Webb, Brent Gray; Copywriter Terry Webb; Voice Talent Michelle Murphy & SAFM Sales Team

Best Commercial - Large Markets

WINNER: Marriage Confession Blaine Parker, KIEV, Los Angeles, California. Producer Bob Holiday; Copywriter Blaine Parker; Voice Talent Honey Cohn, Bob Holiday
1st Runner-up: 1-800-Drive-Today/"Classical #1" Steve McKenzie, WZSR/WLLI/WIIL, Chicago, Illinois. Producer Steve McKenzie; Copywriter Steve McKenzie; Voice Talent Steve McKenzie
2nd Runner-up: Buckles/"Emergency Room" Stephen Mills, KPAM, Portland, Oregon. Producer Stephen Mills; Copywriters Stephen Mills, Nancy Shifferdecker; Voice Talent Stephen Mills, Darrell Kennedy, Lew Davies, Becky Fields, Gina Ryder, Kristina Orefice, Bryan ONeil
Finalist: Say, "Ahhh." - Blaine Parker, KIEV, Los Angeles, California. Producer Bob Holiday; Copywriter Blaine Parker; Voice Talent Bob Holiday, Blaine Parker
Finalist: Hound Dog Products/"Fidos Support Group" Sonny Warner, KSTP-AM, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Producer Sonny Warner; Copywriter Sonny Warner; Voice Talent Sonny Warner, Ben Baige

Best Promo - Small Markets

WINNER: Marconi Rik Wolfe, Cumulus Broadcasting, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Producers Dan Landrum, Randy Brown; Copywriter Dan Landrum; Voice Talent Dan Landrum, Randy Brown, Rik Wolfe
1st Runner-up: The Year Q92000 Ryan Stockert, CJRQ, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Producer Ryan Stockert; Copywriter Ryan Stockert; Voice Talent David Kaye
2nd Runner-up: WZYP Great Easter Egg Hunt Errol Conner, WZYP, Athens, Alabama. Producer Errol Conner; Copywriter Errol Conner; Voice Talent Errol Conner
Finalist: Saturday Night Fever/"C-I-O-O" Terry Purcell, C100-FM, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Producer Terry Purcell; Copywriter Terry Purcell; Voice Talent Terry Purcell, Jeff Cogswell
Finalist: The Session John Knoblock, WHBC, Canton, Ohio. Producer John Knoblock; Copywriter John Knoblock; Voice Talent John Knoblock

Best Promo - Medium Markets

WINNER: All In The Family Values Tour Steve Moore, KSJO, San Jose, California. Producers Steve Moore, Russ Reynolds; Copywriters Steve Moore, Russ Reynolds, Jim Richards; Voice Talent Steve Moore, Russ Reynolds, Chris Corley
1st Runner-up: Phone Euphoria - Jay Lynch, KATT-FM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Producer Jay Lynch; Copywriter Jay Lynch; Voice Talent Nick Sommers, Jay Lynch, Shawn Carrey, Christi Moss
2nd Runner-up: Coors Lite/WJRR "Halfway to St. Paddys" C.J. Goodearl, WJRR, Orlando, Florida. Producer C.J. Goodearl; Copywriters C.J. Goodearl, Dave Green; Voice Talent C.J. Goodearl, Dave Green
Finalist: The Blues Had a Baby Chris Crickman, GWR Group, Bristol, United Kingdom. Producers Chris Crikmay, Vicki Marr; Copywriter Chris Crikmay; Voice Talent J.
Finalist: Whiplash Bash Intro Jim Hausfeld, WTUE, Dayton, Ohio. Producer Jim Hausfeld; Copywriter Jim Hausfeld; Voice Talent Rick Porter, Norm Kniess, Mike Thomas, Brian Christopher
Finalist: Home Invasion Rally Mark Murphy, 5aa, Adelaide, Australia. Producers Mark Murphy, Timothy J. Whyatt; Copywriters Mark Stevens, Nicole Haack, Timothy J. Whyatt; Voice Talent Greg Meyer
Finalist: Secret Sound Moneytree - Linc Kelly, SAFM, Adelaide, Australia. Producer Linc Kelly; Copywriter Andrew Gunsberg; Voice Talent Jay Hackett
Finalist: Millennium Moments Linc Kelly, SAFM, Adelaide, Australia. Producer Linc Kelly; Copywriter Craig Bruce; Voice Talent Lee Perry, Lisa Hensley

Best Promo - Large Markets

WINNER: KOGO Is In Love With You Mike Daly, KOGO-AM, San Diego, California. Producer Mike Daly; Copywriters Mike Daly, Nick Michaels; Voice Talent Nick Michaels
1st Runner-up: More Than News Mike Daly, KOGO-AM, San Diego, California. Producer Mike Daly; Copywriter Mike Daly; Voice Talent Nick Michaels, Matt Stoner
2nd Runner-up: Its a Wonderful Life John Bowen, KWRD-FM, Dallas, Texas. Producer John Bowen; Copywriter John Bowen; Voice Talent John Bowen, Chris Ruleman
Finalist: The Turnip - Christopher OBrien, WYSP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Producer Christopher OBrien; Copywriter Christopher OBrien; Voice Talent Mark Horper, Lillian Gavin
Finalist: Woodstock 99 Christopher OBrien, WYSP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Producer Christopher OBrien; Copywriter Christopher OBrien; Voice Talent Howard Parker, Christopher OBrien, Sherri Lee


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by Steve Cunningham When it comes to production facilities, space really is the final frontier. This is especially true if you’re setting up a room for yourself outside the station — maybe you’ve decided to take on a little...