Please join us in congratulating the winners, runners-up and finalists of the 28th Radio And Production Awards! Check out the audio on the R.A.P. Soundstage

Congratulations Winners!  

Please join us in congratulating the winners, runners-up and finalists of the 28th Radio And Production Awards! We have three newcomers to the “Trophy Club” this year, Joanne Dzierza, Suzan Goritz and Stephen Walton. Gary McClenaghan adds two more to his collection for a total of seven so far, putting him all alone at third place for the all-time trophy count! (* See note about trophy count at bottom of article.)

And while our hats are off to the above mentioned ladies and gents, we can’t underscore enough the value of the others who were involved in the final product. It’s almost always the perfect combination of production, copy and voiceover performances that provide the winning result. Congratulations to each of you, and we look forward to hearing more great work from you throughout the year on the Soundstage!

Click the links to check out the audio and get full credits and details on each entry. Comments, likes and shares welcome.

Best Feature Production

Winner: Look What It Made Them Do

1st Runner-up: Crow Attack Season

2nd Runner-up: Benztown Megamix 2017

Finalist: Acapella Announcers

Finalist: The Free Pizza Friday Stupid Song

Best Imaging

Winner: Bear Winter Splitters

1st Runner-up: WCYQ Holiday Imaging

2nd Runner-up: Father's Day IDs

Finalist: Oilers Playoff Splitters

Finalist: SAM FM Network Breakfast Imaging

Best Commercial – Large Markets

Winner: HIFX_Yul Yablonski in Yakima

1st Runner-up: Carousell - Private Eye

2nd Runner-up: Speechles

Finalist: Suburban Leisure - Hysterical

Finalist: Associated Hearing - Hear For the Hollidays

Best Promo – Large Markets

Winner: Rogers Radio - Happy Turkey String Soprano

1st Runner-up: Triple M Classic Rock - Digital Riffs Promo

2nd Runner-up: Triple M Classic Rock Digital - New Music Today

Finalist: The TJ Show - Best Promo

Finalist: KXL/Markley and Van Camp - Dish Of Peas

Best Commercial – Medium Markets

Winner: Burrito Splendido – Bite Me

1st Runner-up: Advance Robotic - They Really Suck

2nd Runner-up: Murray Electrical Services - Murray In A Hurry

Finalist: Carlson Truck Outfitters - Tough

Finalist: Summit Customs - You Got the Gutz for Deez Truck Nutz

Best Promo – Medium Markets

Winner: Worst Show Ever Launch Promo

1st Runner-up: Q100 3 - The Historic Great American Total Solar Eclipse 2017

2nd Runner-up: Really Tough Bear Hunt Promo

Finalist: Bear Ticket To Rock Promo

Finalist: Q100 3 - Welcome Coach Pruitt Promo

Best Commercial – Small Markets

Winner: Ship and Shore Restaurant - Like A Pirate

1st Runner-up: Cool Dental

2nd Runner-up: Westshore Towing - Mini 5th

Finalist: Diesel Monkey Garage - Greatest Hits

Finalist: Friesen Drillers - Holes

* A note about the trophy count referenced in the opening paragraph: We attribute the count to the producer of the entry in the case where the radio station or production house has paid for the entry. In the case where an individual has paid for the entry, and let’s say, was the copywriter or a voice talent, we will credit the trophy count to that person. But in effect, all the individuals involved in a winning entry have “merited” a trophy. So in one respect, there are many more people who have been involved in trophy winning entries that are not being tabulated in this count. But for our fun in keeping track, we give the count to the producer or the person paying the entry fee.

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