This Month On The Cassette: As promised, this month's RAP Cassette features the "Best of the Rest" from the 9th Annual RAP Awards. These are entries that fell short of "Finalist" status but came very close, and certainly deserve to be heard. Commercials are on Side A starting with Small Market Commercials on cuts 1 through 5, Medium Market Commercials on cuts 6 through 11, and Large Market Commercials on cuts 12 through 16. Promos are on Side B with Small Market Promos on cuts 1 through 6, Medium Market Promos on cuts 7 through 11, and Large Market Promos on cuts 12 through 16. (We have excluded the Feature Production category due to time limitations.) There's a ton of excellent work on both sides, and next to the March Cassette which contains the Finalists, this is easily the second best Cassette of the year!

Side A:

1. Lake City Casino/Give Lady Luck a Hit - Andrew Murdoch, SILK-FM, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
2. Consumer Credit Counseling/Love – Doug Ankerman, WHBC, Canton, Ohio
3. Granny Sure Can Rap – Rett Evans, WQXB, Grenada, Mississippi
4. Rick Armstrong/Fetish – Chris Parkin, 92 More FM, Christchurch, New Zealand
5. Great American Bagel – Patrick Siwy, WLJE/WAKE, Valparaiso, Indiana
6. Area 51 – Ric Gonzales, KISS, San Antonio, Texas
7. In The Flesh Tattoo - Ric Gonzales, KISS, San Antonio, Texas
8. Triple R Tint & Sound/Mind Blower – Dave Green, WJRR, Orlando, Florida
9. Haunted Mansion/Drac & Igor – Dave Green, WJRR, Orlando, Florida
10. LiveWire/Psycho Date – Kurt W. Schenk, Jacor Rochester, Rochester, New York
11. Blaine's Grill & Bar/Timmy – Eric Bohlen, Dick Broadcasting, Knoxville, Tennessee
12. Curtis Trading/Office Furniture Roundup - Blaine Parker, KKLA/KFIA, Los Angeles, California
13. Clives – Donnie Marion, KRBE, Houston, Texas
14. Whiskey Boxing Day - Jim McCourtie, CFNY, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
15. Good Times Magazine - Steve McKenzie, WZSR/WAIT, Chicago, Illinois
16. Phoenix/Sarah – Jim McCourtie, CFNY, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Side B:

1. Rock 94 Tool Time Trivia – Daryl Bolton, CJSD, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
2. 10th Anniversary/Car Talk – Julie Freddino, WSHU, Bridgeport, Connecticut
3. TK Sticker/Too Hot For Radio – Andrew Legg, Pensacola, Florida
4. WLKI Time Change – Eric Anderson, Angola, Indiana
5. Cow Hazard – Laurie Olson, KUOO/KUQQ, Spirit Lake, Iowa
6. Bach's Kids – Geri Diorio, WSHU, Bridgeport, Connecticut
7. 12-pack/16mm – Dave Cruse, WJIS, Sarasota, Florida
8. Best Before Date – Craig Jackman, CHEZ, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
9. Bear Wear/Glove - Rob Vavrek, CFBR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
10. Trash Talkin, Disfunctional Morning Show - Craig Jackman, CHEZ, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
11. KDF Slaughterhouse – Charlie Walker, WKDF/WGFX, Nashville, Tennessee
12. The View – Dave Hanson, KDMX, Dallas, Texas
13. Take 40 Wake Up & Reminder – Lana Reed, Austereo MCM, Melbourne, Australia
14. Staple Image - Allen Hite, WMGK, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
15. Thanksgiving Weekend/Peace Pipe – Steve Lushbaugh, WMMR, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
16. Dr. Laura Gives It to Clinton – Ray Avila, KFI, Los Angeles, California

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