radio-hed-logo1By Jeffrey Hedquist

Everywhere you go, every situation you’re in, every interaction you have is potential material for a radio commercial.

Keep a notebook handy, or carry a hand-held recorder. During the day, simply note your activities: called wrong number, argued with lawyer, met with child’s teacher, got stuck in traffic, lost messages on answering machine.

Pay attention to and list: interesting characters, bits of conversation, styles of speaking/interacting, strong emotions, conflicts. Write down or record as many details as you can at the time of each encounter, while the impressions are fresh. Later, categorize these by types of situations, characters, possible clients.

Before you file the notes, add any possibilities of exaggerating or extending the interest in each. Character: How does train conductor act when he comes home?—announces everything in a barely understandable run-on sentence. Situation: What if your activities were being reported by a traffic helicopter reporter? Interaction: You get pulled over for speeding and the state trooper is someone you dated in high school.

Go to your file whenever you need an idea for a spot and you’ll never run out of ideas. It’s your life. They’re your notes.

© 1999 Hedquist Productions, Inc.