By Tim Kelly

Need a Quick Drop? Can't find the perfect drop for that last minute production? It's 5:00 on Friday. Your cataloged drops have been over-used, and you just need a couple of good lines to put the finishing touches on that image piece. Try rolling tape on a couple of minutes of one of the numerous "shop at home" television networks, i.e. Home Shopping Channel, QVC, etc..

I've noticed lately just how useful these networks can be when you "need it, and you need it now!!" The lines from the announcer/salespeople are almost always dry! (A rarity for drops in our modern ultra-produced world, right? As we all know, half of all good modern movie lines can't be used because they're buried under so much ambiance/sfx/music). Also, these announcer/salespeople have one major job: to sell you the product by telling you how great it is, and to fill time telling you about all of the product's great attributes. Their dialogue is chock full of great, descriptive, positive lines that can be used in numerous ways. Finally, some of these people are even fairly eccentric characters, to add even more spice to the drop. I recently used some stuff from a crazy guy on a late-night shop at home sports card network that was terrific!

You may already be using these networks and know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, keep it in mind the next time you're scrambling for a drop, or just need another great drop source!

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