This month's Cassette kicks off with an entertaining demo from interviewee, Jason Garrett/KVRY-FM, Phoenix! The rest of Side A is filled with spoof spots/promos. If you recall, last month Andy Capp suggested devoting The Cassette to spoof spots. We didn't get flooded with tapes, but we have a pretty good collection on Side A starting with the spot from Andy Capp that he talked about in his July column. Check out Andy's column from last month to refresh your memory before listening to the spot! Cut 5 was actually produced during the Gulf War period. We're still not sure about cut 6, but it's certainly off the wall. Some of you submitted multiple spoof spots. We'll keep the extras on file and spice up future Cassettes with them!

Side B kicks off with the promo from Reid Thrush that picked up the South Carolina Broadcasters' Association "Best 60-Second Promo for Large Market" award last month! Reid says the "concept for the spot was inspired by a spot on the July 1994 Cassette by Chris Duffy/WMMR-FM." Lots more great promos on Side B, and we wrap it up with a handful of well done commercials. Congrats to all on another impressive collection for the Radio And Production Cassette!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Jason Garrett/KVRY-FM, Phoenix, Arizona
Cut 2 - "I Wish You Were Dead Bouquet" - Andy Capp/KELO-FM, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Cut 3 - "Father's Day" - C.Jackman(p), R.Timson(w), J.Rogers(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cut 4 - "Hooked On Farmics" - Rich Boerner/WTKS-FM, Orlando, Florida
Cut 5 - "Motel Sikhs" - Todd Beezley(wpv)/WKKD-A/F, Aurora, Illinois
Cut 6 - "Tradio" - Joe Roach(wpv)/WRMN/WJKL/WBIG, Elgin, Illinois
Cut 7 - "Mighty Hermaphrodite Power Rangers" - Hobbs(wpv), Galloway/Tilford/Matthews(v)/WKQQ-FM, Lexington, KY
Cut 8 - "Wranglers/Pig Tour" - Crowe(p), Robbins(w), McConnell(v)/Focus On The Family, Colorado Spgs, CO
Cut 9 - "Confederate Railroad" - Pat White/WIL-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 10 - "Eyeball Optical" - Griffin(w), Tarrant(wp), Everybody(v)/KBIQ-FM, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Side B

Cut 1 - "Grand Am Giveaway" - Reid Thrush(wpv)/WEZL-FM, Charleston, South Carolina
Cut 2 - "Johnny Mnemonic" - Stan Mabee(wp), Dan Coulton(v)/CFBC/CJYC, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
Cut 3 - "Passport To Paradise" - Larry James(pw), Lora Cain(v)/KPLX-FM, Dallas, Texas
Cut 4 - "30 Minutes Continuous Music" - Fred Cunha/CJEZ-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cut 5 - "Pint Party E.R." - S.Matthews(wpv), Gordon/Strong/Hobbs(v)/WKQQ-FM, Lexington, Kentucky
Cut 6 - "Second Chance Lotto" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, Virginia
Cut 7 - "Rock 104 Morning Show" - Steve Taylor(wpv)/WXRR/WBBN, Laurel, Mississippi
Cut 8 - "This Is Talk Radio" - Rich Boerner(wpv), John Driscoll(v)/WTKS-FM, Orlando, Florida
Cut 9 - "Two Fer Tuesday" - Dave Cuddohy(wpv)/WMRR/WSNX, Muskegon, Michigan
Cut 10 - "Summer & Sun Weekend" - Bob Lawson(wp), Jim Merkel(v)/WJMK-FM, Chicago, Illinois
Cut 11 - "TLC Caterers" - Hamlin(w), Houston(p), Hogan/West/Burn(v)/2XS-FM, Palmerstown N., New Zealand
Cut 12 - "1st American Bank" - Randy Horvath/Vanilla Gorilla Productions, Bryan/College Station, Texas
Cut 13 - "City of Dayton" - Steve Wein(wpvm), Lori Gebhart(v)/WLQT/WDOL, Dayton, Ohio
Cut 14 - "5th Avenue Mall" - Larry Wayne Lauer(pw), Dean Lauer(wv)/Master Productions, Anchorage, Alaska
Cut 15 - "Family Home Video" - Brateng(wpv), Randolf/Murphy/King(v)/KYTE/KNPT, Newport, Oregon
Cut 16 - "Groom Room" - Jacobs(vp), Cat(w)/WODJ-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan